Pandya Store 2nd December 2022 Murder drama unfolds

Pandya Store 2nd December 2022 Murder drama unfolds

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Pandya Store 2nd December 2022 Murder drama unfolds Dhara hides from Suman, while Shweta lies unconscious. Dhara is very much alive, all thanks to her smartness in executing the plan, despite the real attack from the thief. Dhara runs to the dark room, while the family tells Suman that Dhara’s dead body is taken for post-mortem. Shweta gains conscious, and gets targeted by the entire family. Suman asks Shweta to just say the truth. Gautam tells the family that he has called a lady constable for Shweta. He asks constable to take Shweta’s statement and arrest her. He asks her to get ready to go to the jail if she is done meeting her parents. Shweta pleads innocent.

He asks her not to beg in front of her, she is a murderer, she should get hanged to death. Rishita tells Suman that its important for Dhara’s soul peace to get Shweta arrested. Gautam arrests Shweta by putting the handcuffs. Shweta asks them to believe her, she didn’t kill Dhara. Gautam tells that the court will decide it. Shweta asks the family to understand, she didn’t kill Raavi. She angrily blurts the truth and tells that she could have killed Dhara in the hospital itself when she had changed Raavi’s fibroid removal reports and mentioned about the fetus removal just to break Shiva and Raavi’s marriage.

She tells that Nitin was her friend, she had taken his help to fool Raavi and Dhara, she could have fed any medicine to Dhara and killed her, nobody could have known her plan, but her plan wasn’t to kill Dhara but to shatter the Pandya family. Shiva loses her cool and gets angry on Shweta. She shouts that nobody can do anything to her, even if she kills anyone. Shiva tells that he will kill her and teach her a lesson for messing up relations in the Pandya family. He calls her unfortunate that she didn’t value their relations. Krish stops Shiva. Shiva doesn’t listen to anyone, and rages at Shweta after hearing her crime confession.

Dhara hides behind and overhears the entire confession. She is glad that Rishita’s plan of making Shweta confess the crime has worked. Dhara and family bring out Shweta’s truth in front of Suman and Shiva. They clean Raavi’s name. Shiva regrets his mistake. He doubts Gautam and stares at him. Gautam asks him to not stare or say a word. Gautam stops Shiva from ruining their plan. Dev asks Gautam to leave Shiva, he will explain Shiva. Dev and Krish take Shiva outside with them to tell him about their plan. Rishita wants Shweta to get punished.

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