Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd December 2022 Written Update Sonal’s entry

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd December 2022 Written Update Sonal's entry

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd December 2022 Written Update Sonal’s entry Sonal comes home and meets Malishka. She tells that she will get Rishi married to Malishka and solve her problems. Malishka tells that Lakshmi is very sharp, its not easy to make her out of their way. Sonal asks her not to challenge her. Malishka promises to give her anything she wants if she fulfills the challenge and gets her married to Rishi. Sonal keeps a strange demand in front of Malishka. She tells that if she wins this challenge, then Malishka must give her Rishi. Malishka and Kiran are left shocked by Sonal’s wish for Rishi. Rishi and Lakshmi get into a cute moment in the kitchen. They share a laugh Ayush gets glad to see them, and clicks their picture. He wishes nobody comes between them from now. Ayush wants them to always stay happy together.

Earlier in the show, Malishka imagines Rishi coming to her rescue. Rishi tells her that Lakshmi fell down the stairs, he is sorry, Lakshmi is in pain, he has to rush to her. She asks him if he will leave her in pain. Malishka’s long imagination ends. She stays unhurt. She tells that Rishi has killed her, he will regret a lot. Kiran stops Malishka from stabbing herself.


She shouts, but Malishka attempts the dangerous step. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she is his life, she won’t let him go to anyone else. Rishi asks her does she really mean it. They share an eyelock. She tells that she really means it. Lakshmi tells that she likes Rishi a lot. Kiran falls down. Malishka asks her is she okay. Kiran slaps her for her madness. Malishka tells that she can’t live without Rishi. Sonal connects on a call and encourages Malishka. She asks Malishka not to die until she comes.

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd December 2022 Written Update Sonal’s entry:

Kiran wakes up Malishka. She tells that she feels better when Malishka feels better. She asks her to get ready because Sonal is coming. Malishka starts her day seeing Rishi’s picture. Kiran asks her to stay positive, she will get Rishi one day. Malishka hugs her and apologizes for yesterday. Sonal arrives home. She gets a solution for Malishka’s problem. She meets Kiran and Malishka. Malishka tells that she didn’t get married to Rishi, because he got married to someone else.

Sonal asks her not to give much importance to Rishi. Malishka tells that Lakshmi is her real problem. Sonal tells that she will get Rishi for Malishka and solve her problem. Malishka asks her when did she meet Lakshmi. Virender learns that the client wants to meet Lakshmi. He wonders why. Kiran asks Sonal how does she know Lakshmi. Sonal tells that she isn’t Lakshmi’s friend, she was coming home, she met Lakshmi on the way, she found her foolish and illiterate. Malishka tells that Lakshmi is really clever, she is fooling the entire Oberoi family by her goodness.

Kiran tells that Lakshmi acts foolish but she is very sharp. Malishka tells that she always loses to Lakshmi’s strong fate. Sonal asks Malishka to become like her. She tells that she has snatched her best friend’s husband and married him, she can remove any woman from her way. Malishka tells that she can’t remove Lakshmi. Sonal promises that she will remove Lakshmi from Rishi and Malishka’s life. Malishka promises to give her anything. Sonal asks her to give her Rishi. Malishka asks what is she saying. Sonal laughs and tells that she is just joking.

Meanwhile, Sonal and Malishka come home to meet Rishi. He gets a pleasant surprise to see Sonal. Sonal tells that he has to listen to her. Malishka introduces Rishi and her college friend Sonal to Lakshmi. Sonal asks Rishi to give her a kiss. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Sonal jokes that he used to give her a kiss every day in college. Rishi tells that Sonal is joking. Sonal accepts that she is just kidding, Rishi will always be of Malishka, they both can’t get separated, Rishi would never leave Malishka. The family is also delighted to meet Sonal. Ayush sings Lakshmi’s praise. Sonal observes Lakshmi’s grasp on the family members.

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