Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 4 Episode 1 Written Update Kuch Baaki Hai

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 4 Episode 1 Written Update Kuch Baaki Hai

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 4 Episode 1 Written Update Kuch Baaki Hai After two years, Manik and Nandini recall their love vows made to each other. They wish the night never ends, but still wait for the morning. He feels life is just like darkness without her. She looks for the light that disappeared from her life. They both are distant, living in different cities. They look at the sky and make a wish, seeing a shooting star. Manik stands hearing the sound of the waterfall. A couple is also at the dam. Manik hears his song tune playing. It triggers Nandini’s removes in his heart. He jumps into the water to get rid of the sudden pack of memories. He reaches the couple. He stops the guy and dumps his guitar in anger.

The guy asks him if he has gone crazy. The couple Yuvi and Latika run for their lives. Manik picks the damaged guitar which reminds him of Nandini’s take on rhythm. He plays the same tune. Latika recognizes Manik by hearing the tune. She goes live on social media and posts Manik’s video. Nandini is seen teaching music at the same place. She remembers Manik. Tears roll down her cheek. She learns about Manik’s presence in Kasauli, as one of his fans spotted him. Yuvi gets stuck in a drug case.

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Nandini is hurt seeing Manik’s condition. She tells Rishabh that she isn’t hurt, she doesn’t care for Manik. Rishabh asks her when did she sleep peacefully last time. He wants to know what happened between Manik and her. She doesn’t answer him. She deeply misses Manik. Manik gets hiccups. He misses Nandini. Nandini meets her family. Manik also meets his family. His mom tells that the place stinks, he looks crazy to live in such a bad place.

Manik tells that he is cutting woods to keep the wild animals away. She shows him the video that got him viral on the internet. She informs him that his dad is missing. He asks her what did she do now. She tells that she is taking over Malhotra industries. Manik doesn’t care. He calls his dad. She tells that his dad will be back soon, but till then she will fill the chair and sign the deal. She asks Manik what does he want. He asks her to get out. She tells that he is a loser, he is living like a cave man just because that stupid Nandini left him. He asks her not to take Nandini’s name. She asks him to call her assistant and seal the deal. She gets liquor chocolates for him. After she leaves, Manik eats the chocolates.

Nandini avoids Manik’s topic. She tells that everything is over between Manik and her. Manik gets back into his dashing avatar. He calls off his nomad life, and leaves for home to meet his dad. He reaches Malhotra industries office. He rushes to his dad’s cabin, but doesn’t get the permission. His mom welcomes him and asks him to join the celebrations, since she is taking over. Manik tells that its not happening. She tells that its almost finalized. He asks her to leave the chair. She tells that the board of members don’t support him, they can have the voting done again and he can return to his jungle again.

She asks the board about supporting Manik. Manik gets the entire board on his side. He has already spoken to the board. She asks the board not to believe Manik, he will sink the company. Manik asks her to cut the drama and vacate the seat. He tells that cops are on the way to lookout for her, because he has filed his dad’s missing complaint. The board member asks Manik to think of something to keep the company name. Manik calls the press conference. He asks the reporters to stick to business, instead asking him personal questions. Nandini watches Manik on the live news channel. Manik launches Space Goa music and arts college to support the music students. Manik begins to rock again.

After a few days, Yuvi gets released from the jail. Latika visits him but he pays her no heed. Manik heads the Space Goa college project. He checks the admission auditions for enrolling the students. Rishabh tells Nandini that he has applied for admission in Space college. She doesn’t want any connection to form with Manik. He feels he won’t get selected because Rishabh is Nandini’s brother. Manik rejects Rishabh’s application. Rishabh gets depressed. Nandini calls up Manik for Rishabh’s sake. She asks his location for a meeting. Manik asks her to come to Goa.

Next, Nandini and Manik meet in Goa, unexpected. She asks him not to reject Rishabh’s application. She demands Manik to give admission to Rishabh. He tells that he doesn’t take any orders from anyone. She asks him to deny if he is rejecting Rishabh because of their breakup. Manik tells that she is right, he rejected Rishabh because of their personal reason. She calls their meeting a mistake. He asks her not to go back. He knows she loves her brother a lot and can do anything for his sake. He asks her what can she do for him. She punches his face. He replies that he knows she can do much more for him. She weeps and leaves silently.

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