Pandya Store 3rd December 2022 Dhara accused

Pandya Store 3rd December 2022 Dhara accused

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Pandya Store 3rd December 2022 Dhara accused Shweta tells the family that Krish has married her just for Chiku’s sake. She calls Dhara selfish that she knew her truth and still didn’t tell anyone, Dhara just wanted Chiku’s money. Rishita asks Shweta to control her tongue. Dhara tells that she didn’t take Chiku’s money, she just loved Chiku. Raavi comes home to question Shweta. She asks Shweta why did she break her marriage. Shweta tells that it was her plan to break the family. She asks Dhara did she save her for the sake of the money. Dhara calls her accusations wrong. Shweta tells that she will show the outcome of wronging her.

She threatens the family. She tells that she will take away Chiku, Dhara won’t get Chiku and the money. She demands rights on Pandya house. She tells that she is Pandya’s bahu and she will stay in the house as long as she wants, even if they don’t like it. Shiva tells that he will see how she stays back. Gautam asks Shweta to stop it. Shweta tells that Dhara is the evil, she wants Chiku and also his money. Krish asks Rishita to give Chutki to Dhara, because Rishita can plan another child. Dev asks Krish what nonsense is he saying.

Krish reveals that he had married selfish Shweta just for Chiku’s sake, he wanted to give Chiku to Dhara to fill her empty lap. He tells that now Chiku is gone, now Rishita should give Chutki to Gautam and Dhara then there would be no problem like happened before. He asks Dev not to get angry and think of Dhara, who always thinks of the family. Rishita tells that nobody gives own child to someone. Krish taunts her that she gets all the work done by Dhara, Rishita has no courage to give her child to Dhara, but he had courage to give his happiness to Dhara.

Dhara asks him to shut up and tell them why did he do this, when she asked him if he is marrying Shweta because of love. She regrets that he ruined his life for Dhara’s sake. She feels shattered knowing Krish’s huge sacrifice. Rishita tells that its not just Krish’s mistake, but also Dhara’s mistake, because Dhara got blinded by Chiku’s love. Gautam asks them to stop arguing, they have to end this drama and think of bringing Raavi back. Gautam consoles a broken Dhara. He tells Dhara that everyone will need time to understand whatever happened with them. Suman sympathizes with Dhara.

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