Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2022 Written Update Prachi in turmoil

Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2022 Written Update Prachi in turmoil

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Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2022 Written Update Prachi in turmoil Rhea and Aaliya had plotted the dangerous conspiracy to get Sid and Prachi killed, along with their best wishers Mihika and Sahana. They wanted Prachi’s death to appear like an accident. Aaliya receives a shock knowing Ranbir got shot by her goons. Before she could reveal this to Rhea and help her accept the bad news, Rhea learns this shocking piece of news from Pallavi. In no time, Rhea and Aaliya’s happiness get drained out. They were expected Prachi’s death news. Rhea tells that she wanted Prachi to burn so that Ranbir becomes of her forever, but now Ranbir is battling for his life and Prachi is absolutely fine. Prachi slips into an emotional turmoil when she collects Ranbir’s suspicion on her and then his mad love for her. She wants Ranbir’s life at any cost, and doesn’t think of keeping any bitterness in heart.

Earlier in the show, Prachi tells Pallavi that Ranbir got shot, he is admitted in the city hospital. Pallavi drops the phone in shock and repeats this to make Rhea know the truth. Aaliya and Pallavi run outside. Vikram stops Pallavi and asks why is she crying. Pallavi tells him that Ranbir got shot. Vikram is also shocked.

Vikram and Aryan also rush to see Ranbir, but a stressed Pallavi turns dizzy. Vikram tells that Pallavi didn’t take her BP medicines. He adds that he will get Pallavi to the hospital later. He asks Aaliya to stay in touch. Pallavi holds Prachi responsible for this incident. She tells that if anything happens to Ranbir, then she will punish Prachi. Prachi sees Ranbir getting treated in the ICU. She remembers how he saved her life by risking his own. Ranbir turns critical, while she stays worried.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2022 Written Update Prachi in turmoil:

Prachi enters the ICU and asks the doctor if Ranbir is okay, why is he panicking, is he hiding something. She tells that she wants to see Ranbir once, he isn’t okay. Doctor asks her to go out and let him do the work. Prachi hinders his work by arguing with him and insisting that she will hold Ranbir’s hand to help him recover. Doctor asks her to go out if she wants Ranbir okay. Prachi tells that she will remind Ranbir the vows that he made to her and her coming baby. He asks her not to waste their time. Prachi tells that she is pregnant with Ranbir’s child, its their first child, she maybe sounding weird, but their relation is of heart, he will come back once she holds his hand and talks to him.

Doctor asks nurse to leave Prachi. He tries to revive Ranbir. Prachi holds Ranbir’s hand and asks him to come back to her for the sake of their coming child. She tells that their baby’s every breath is connected with him, its his dream which they will fulfil together. She asks him to come back for the baby’s sake and fight with everything strongly. Nurse tells that the patient’s heartbeat is getting stable. Doctor tells that he gave an injection to Ranbir already, he allowed Prachi just to avoid the long drama. He asks Prachi to go out, Ranbir is now stable. Prachi goes out. Sahana consoles Prachi.

Prachi tells that everyone has doubted her pregnancy, they have hurt her a lot, like she has doubted Ranbir’s love and hurt him. She regrets that she mocked Ranbir’s love, she didn’t show him the faith which he deserved. Mihika asks the reason. Prachi remembers a moment from the past when Ranbir asked her to have faith on him, because she is his wife. She remembers his words that their love is of soul. She tells that Ranbir is right, their love is connected to their soul, and now they are three, their baby is also with them. Sahana hugs her. Sid gets water for Prachi. Mihika feels breathless.

Sid asks her what happened to her. He takes her to the doctor. He asks Prachi to be with Ranbir. Aryan, Rhea and Aaliya rush to the hospital. Aaliya asks Aryan to drive slowly, they shouldn’t meet an accident like Ranbir. The car suddenly breaks down. Aryan checks the car. Rhea grows impatient. She wants to reach the hospital as soon as possible. Aryan asks them to give him space to check the car, if they can’t fix it. Aaliya asks Rhea not to go anywhere far. Rhea asks why did Aaliya’s henchmen shoot at Ranbir. She gets mad at Aaliya.

She tells that if anything happens to Ranbir, then she won’t leave Aaliya. Aaliya reminds that she is her Bua, not her friend. She asks Rhea to behave well. Rhea casts her anger and rebukes her. Prachi worries for Ranbir. Sahana asks her to take some rest. She tells that Ranbir will get fine. Prachi tells that she asked Ranbir to leave her and go, he didn’t listen to her and risked his life. Sahana tells that he passed in the test of love, he was proving his love, he loves her a lot, she is lucky to get him, she should keep him safe because he is her good luck. Prachi remembers Ranbir asking her to value him and his love. She reminisces their romantic moments, when Ranbir promised to be with her, knowing she would always protect him. Prachi cries in shock when her mangalsutra breaks off from her neck.

Sahana calms down Prachi, when the latter slips into fear. Prachi picks the black beads from the floor. Prachi fears the bad omen that her mangalsutra broke off. She sits to fix the broken mangalsutra. Sahana asks her not to worry. Prachi strings the beads back. She tells that she will wear back the mangalsutra once it gets fixed. She quickly wears the mangalsutra and consoles herself that everything will get fine. She believes that Ranbir will be okay. Doctor informs them that the case is getting complicated. Prachi asks about the complication. He tells that the patient isn’t reacting. She asks him to let her go and see Ranbir once. He asks her to stay outside and just pray, instead blocking their work.

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