Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2022 Written Update Karan challenges Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2022 Written Update Karan challenges Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2022 Written Update Karan challenges Preeta Karan angrily asks Preeta to go and save Rishabh if she loves him so much. He tells that Rishabh will get punished for his crimes, its his big crime that he has hurt Anjali and gave her pain. He supports Anjali. He decides to support Anjali, when Preeta angers him by stating her immense love for Rishabh. Karan tells that he wants to see how Preeta saves Rishabh now. He challenges her. Anjali gets glad that Arjun is supporting her. How will Preeta prove Rishabh’s innocence? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Preeta accuses Arjun for stopping the lawyers from taking Rishabh’s case. Karan denies it. She tells him that she knows his every move, she asked the lawyers not to take Rishabh’s case. He asks her to sort out the matter calmly. Anjali tells Priyanka that she had asked the lawyers not to take Rishabh’s case, by proving Rishabh wrong.


Preeta congratulates Arjun for his last win. She tells that she will win tomorrow, the entire family loves Rishabh. He asks her if she loves Rishabh a lot. She answers with a yes. She tells that she loves Rishabh. He asks her if she loves Rishabh more than her first husband Karan, emotions transfer from one person to another. She asks him to shut up, he can’t question her anything personal. She doesn’t want to talk about Karan. He tells that she didn’t love Karan. She tells that she loves Rishabh a lot, she never loved anyone so much in her life. Her answer shocks Karan.

Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2022 Written Update Karan challenges Preeta:

Preeta confesses her love for Rishabh in front of Karan. He angrily asks her to go and save Rishabh. He tells that Rishabh will get punished for his crime. He asks her what does she mean to say, he will never lose, not today and not tomorrow. He tells that he can get much dangerous if he wants, she has awakened his dangerous side, he won’t spare anyone when it comes to his family, Rishabh has hurt Anjali and now Rishabh will get punished for his crime.

Preeta asks him if this is his real side, evil and dangerous. She feels she was right, he has used Anjali to take revenge on her family. She tells that he isn’t powerful and dangerous, but a disgusting man, he has lost all his value, she will see him in the court now. He asks her to find a good lawyer first. Anjali watches their argument. Dadi asks Anjali is she okay. Anjali tells that she is okay. Priyanka tells that she will stay with Anjali for few days to help her recover. Dadi thanks her.

Preeta returns home with an upset face. Mahesh tells that he knew it, they didn’t find any good lawyer for Rishabh. Sameer tells about a lawyer who has a good past record, but isn’t taking cases since few years. Preeta tells that she will talk to that lawyer. She asks Sameer to send her the details. Mahesh gets stressed. Shrishti and Sameer wonder what does Arjun want, that he is taking revenge on them and then helping at times. Karan imagines Rishabh and Preeta’s romance. He loses his cool. Preeta also thinks of Arjun. She wonders why is Arjun interested in their lives, who is he and what’s his truth.

Karan tells that he got cheated by Preeta, he will punish her for the cheat. He wants to teach her a lesson to show her what one gets in reply to cheat. Next day, Preeta comes across Anjali outside the police station. Anjali asks her if she got any lawyer. Preeta tells that she has got a lawyer, Miss. Damini. She introduces Anjali to her. Anjali questions Damini for taking the case. Preeta tells that Damini has met many girls like her, she knows such cases where girls lie and trap rich guys for money. Damini tells that Preeta is right, girls blame the rich guys intentionally. She warns Anjali.

She tells that she works hard to save those guys who are falsely accused by fraud girls. She tells that even her brother was accused falsely and his life got ruined. Later, she tells Preeta that the case is weak, Rishabh is in big problem. She takes some time to read the case file once again. Preeta gets dizzy by this bad news. Karan comes to hold her in time and asks her is she okay. She asks him to get away from her. He tells that he was helping her. She asks him is this his help, he did wrong with Rishabh and family. She lectures him for insulting Anjali by using her for such a molestation case to frame Rishabh.

She tells that he is a disgusting man, he thinks he will prove Rishabh characterless and defame him, but he is wrong, many people know Rishabh as a good person, his family is with him, his daughter is with him, and his wife is with him. She tells that she respects Rishabh a lot, she never saw a nicer person than him. She tells that nobody can cause any harm to Rishabh, Anjali and Arjun can’t do anything against Rishabh. Karan tells her that she doesn’t know Rishabh well. She asks him if she knows that Rishabh tried to kill the person who loved him the most. Anjali stops him from revealing the truth to Preeta.

She tells that Preeta won’t understand his feelings. Preeta leaves from there. Anjali asks him what was he doing, he was going to expose his truth in front of Preeta. She asks him to come with her. Rishabh asks Preeta not to worry, they have to accept the court verdict, they will appeal in supreme court if the verdict isn’t in their favor, they have to find a backup. He asks the family not to worry, else he will lose his courage. Karan finds Rakhi crying and asks her not to cry.

Rakhi stops him from wiping her tears. She asks him to spare her son and withdraw the case, because her son is innocent, he can never do such a bad thing. She begs him to pity her. She wants to see Rishabh and Arjun as brothers, not as enemies. Karan weeps and turns away. Rakhi apologizes to him for her harsh words spoken before. Anjali doesn’t want Arjun to melt his heart. Rishabh tells Mahesh that they can’t force anyone to fight their case, they will do what they find right. The lawyers present the case in the court. Luthras get worried when the hearing begins, and Anjali poses dirty allegations on Rishabh. Preeta believes that Rishabh and truth will win.

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