YRKKH 6th December 2022 Upcoming Akshara’s truth out

YRKKH 6th December 2022 Upcoming Akshara's truth out

YRKKH 6th December 2022 Upcoming Akshara’s truth out Abhimanyu tells Akshara that the family is calling her downstairs to attend the puja alongwith Aarohi, so that she also gets a child soon. Akshara grows worried. She hides the truth of her medical condition from everyone, and goes to perform the rituals for the sake of the family’s happiness. Aarohi doesn’t expect Akshara to come. When Akshara sits for the rituals, Manjiri and Dadi bless her to give them the pregnancy news soon. Manjiri tells that she is awaiting the moment when Akshara breaks the good news to the family. Akshara controls her emotions, while Aarohi gets scared of Abhimanyu’s reaction. Abhimanyu finds the family putting pressure on Akshara by their wishes, which can never get fulfilled.

Akshara cries, which triggers Abhimanyu’s anger. Abhimanyu calls it enough. He shouts aloud, and makes the entire family worried. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu and Akshara to tell her what’s bothering them for her sake. Abhimanyu doesn’t know if he should divulge the details to them, without Akshara’s consent. Akshara herself reveals the truth to the family that Abhimanyu and she can never become parents, because of her medical condition. She tells them about her bike accident which led to internal injuries, because of which she can never conceive. Manjiri is super shocked, just like Goenka and Birla family members.



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