Udaariyaan 6th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat's truth

Udaariyaan 6th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat’s truth

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Udaariyaan 6th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat’s truth Nehmat takes Mallika’s place and lies to Naaz. Naaz understands Nehmat is lying. She wants Mallika to leave the wedding. Jasmin joins the baraat fun with Shamsher. Shamsher realizes Jazz has taken a disguise to attend the wedding. Nehmat gets scared and doesn’t come in front of anyone. Satti wants to go and meet Mallika once. Nehmat waits for Mallika’s return. She calls Mallika, but doesn’t get any response. Nehmat gets panicking on getting stuck in a big trouble, when she can’t even tell Ekam about it. Ekam reaches there to meet Mallika. He comes across Nehmat in Mallika’s bridal attire. She tells him that Mallika isn’t here.

He asks her why is she wearing the bridal attire. He tells that she doesn’t know where did Mallika go, Mallika made her promise and left from the wedding without saying anything. Ekam asks her if this is her prank. She tells that it’s the truth. Ekam grows worried. The baraat reaches there. Jasmin asks Shamsher not to tell anyone about her. Nehmat explains the situation to Ekam. He tells that it would be a big drama when Advait knows about Mallika’s absence. He tells Nehmat that they have to handle the situation calmly. She asks him to go and find her. Ekam asks her what will she tell if they ask about Mallika.

She tells that she will handle it somehow. Ekam rushes to find his sister. Jasmin gets to see Naaz and blesses her. Jasmin tells Shelly that she has to swap the brides when she signals her. She goes to see Mallika to her room. Nehmat remembers Mallika’s promise. Renuka learns that Mallika isn’t ready till now. Jasmin and Shelly learn the matter when Nehmat stays connected on the call with Shelly. Renuka asks Nehmat about her bridal attire. She asks why is she wearing Mallika’s lehenga. Jasmin and Shelly get confused and go there to see. Renuka asks Nehmat what is her intention, why is she doing this. She questions her motives. Nehmat tells that she can explain. Jasmin wonders who wants to double cross her plan. She fails to understand Nehmat’s move.






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