Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2022 Written Update Confession

Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2022 Written Update Confession

Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2022 Written Update Confession Rishabh and Preeta reach Arjun’s place to get an answer for his estranged behavior. Karan gets drunk and gets to see them. He tells his motives that he wants revenge on them. He tells that he will take revenge on Preeta, and end Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage, he will bring their truth out. He declares that nobody can stop Arjun from marrying Preeta. Preeta cries in shock, while Rishabh is also in disbelief. Is this Karan’s dream sequence? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Luthras welcome Rishabh home. Rakhi wishes Preeta and Rishabh don’t suffer more. Sameer tells that he didn’t understand what happened, Arjun came in time and saved Rishabh. Anjali asks Arjun not to decide on her behalf. Karan asks her to relax. She doesn’t want to hear anything from him.


He tells that he will not stop her, he knows she has done this for his sake, but he can’t fight his battle in a wrong way, she didn’t need to do that. Preeta wonders how did Arjun take the case back, when he wasn’t feeling guilty, he was filled with anger, Anjali and Arjun wanted Rishabh to get punished, then Arjun took the blame on himself. Rakhi tells that she knows why he did that, Arjun chose the right path because of her.

Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2022 Written Update Confession:

Anjali asks Arjun to fight his battle himself, because he doesn’t need her. She tells that he is doing everything for Preeta. He tells that he is doing this for himself, because Preeta said he is using her. He can’t even think of using his best friend Anjali. He asks her to support him in his revenge, he doesn’t want to attack them immorally, if they could kill them meeting his eyes, then he will also defeat them by his success. Anjali tells that he is really bad, so she likes him so much. She hugs him and cries. She doesn’t leave.

On the other hand, Rakhi tells the family that she met Arjun outside the house and requested him to free Rishabh from the blames. She adds that Arjun respected her word and took the blame on himself. Rishabh tells that Rakhi must have not gone to Arjun. Preeta feels the same. Rakhi asks them to stop showing their egos. She tells that Arjun isn’t a bad guy, he gets mad at times, just like Karan, Arjun is also impulsive. She tells that it was nearly impossible for them to prove Rishabh innocent, Arjun has accepted the truth and saved Rishabh.

She asks Rishabh to forget the enmity and join hands with Arjun. She feels Arjun is a nice guy like Karan. She tells that just Rishabh is with her, she wants Arjun to be with Rishabh as a brother. She asks Rishabh to forget their issues and forgive Arjun, they should give a chance to Arjun. Sameer reminds that Arjun had tried to kill Rishabh. Rakhi knows Arjun had done many mistakes, but they can forgive him. Bani and Kareena tell that Arjun did a mistake and rectified it, they shall not forgive him, if they treat Arjun as a family member, even then Arjun can’t be trusted.

Rakhi tells that not everyone has courage to accept mistake. She requests them to forgive Arjun for her sake. Rishabh tells that Rakhi is a mother, she can never be wrong. He assures that he will go to thank Arjun and clear the misunderstandings, he will do anything for his family’s sake. Rakhi thanks him. Rishabh tells Preeta that he is going to meet Arjun. She tells that she will accompany him. Karan gets drunk. He recalls Preeta’s hurtful words. Servant informs him about Rishabh’s arrival. Karan tells that he won’t meet Rishabh. He learns that even Preeta has come. He agrees to meet them. Rishabh and Preeta meet Arjun, and find him too drunk to stay in senses.

Karan remembers Preeta’s words. He asks Rishabh why did they come, what do they want now. Rishabh tells that he has come to thank him. He adds that Rakhi loves Arjun and thinks he is a nice person, she has sent them to thank him and also end their issues. He thanks Arjun for saving him on Rakhi’s saying. He asks Arjun to just behave civilized, Rakhi sees Karan in him and thinks he has a clean heart. He tells that it’s a short life, they shall forget this. Karan tells hat he does everything for himself, Preeta blamed him for using people for his motives. He repeats Preeta’s hurtful words in front of Rishabh.

He asks Preeta is she happy to throw him out of their lives. He tells that Preeta has called him disgusting. He adds that Preeta was the reason that he saved Rishabh, he has done everything for Preeta’s sake, because Preeta matters a lot to him. He tells that the real reason is, he got Rishabh freed for Preeta’s sake, so that Rishabh stays with Preeta, if he isn’t with Preeta, then it won’t be good. He takes Preeta’s challenge. He tells that the game should be between equals, like they cheated him, he will not cheat him, he will not let Karan’s innocence change into foolishness, he will take revenge for everything.

Rishabh asks him what’s the matter, why is he being so negative, what revenge is he talking about. He tells that they are innocent, they didn’t do anything. Karan tells that he will take Karan’s revenge. Rishabh asks him not to drag Karan in between their issues. He requests him to keep Karan out of their fight. Mahesh asks Rakhi if she wants Rishabh and Arjun to become friends. He finds Arjun strange. Rakhi tells that they don’t understand Arjun well, he is strange but good at heart, he is just like Karan. She tells that Arjun has saved Rishabh for her sake.

Mahesh worries for Rakhi. Karan tells that he will take Karan’s revenge on them, he will give them time, and it will be painful for them. Rishabh asks him did he go mad. Karan tells that he will take revenge on Preeta and bring their marriage truth in front of everyone, and then nobody can stop him from marrying Preeta. Preeta is shocked. Rishabh slaps Arjun to bring him to senses. Anjali reaches there and watches the slap drama.

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