Udaariyaan Parineetii Dharam Patni 9th December 2022 Spoilers

Udaariyaan Parineetii Dharam Patni 9th December 2022 Spoilers

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Udaariyaan Parineetii Dharam Patni 9th December 2022 Spoilers Naaz worries when Shamsher declares that he won’t let Naaz and Nikhil’s marriage happen if Advait’s marriage stalls. Nehmat requests Shamsher to please Naaz and Nikhil’s marriage happen. She tells that she is ready to do anything for Naaz’s sake. Shamsher tells Rupy that he has two granddaughters. He asks Rupy to give both the girls for his two sons. He asks Nehmat’s hand for Advait. He tells that Naaz will marry Nikhil only if Nehmat marries Advait. Nehmat and Advait are shocked by Shamsher’s shocking request. Naaz and Jasmin didn’t know that their plans will result out this way. Everyone knows Nehmat’s true love for Ekam.


Pari gets stuck finding a way to keep Neeti busy. She doesn’t want Rajeev and her marriage truth to come out in front of Neeti, that can ruin three lives altogether. She tells Rajeev that there is no relation between them now, they can’t be together or support each other. She tells that she is helpless to be with him because of Neeti. Neeti checks the picture and asks about the person in it. Rajeev asks Pari about the person. Pari lies that the person is her Rajeev. Pari and Rajeev fool Neeti by their lies.

Dharam Patni:

Pandit gives the exact mahurat for Pratiksha’s engagement. He tells about the complications appearing in Pratiksha’s Kundali. He tells them that if Pratiksha gets engaged only in the short time frame he suggested them, then she will live a blissed married life. Pratiksha goes to the jewellery store to find a ring. She asks for a Ganpati idol ring. She comes across Ravi. She likes the Ganpati ring and wears it. She learns that someone else has already chosen that ring. Pratiksha tells that she really liked the ring, so she has worn it. The lady asks her to speak to the customer who chose that ring. Pratiksha misses to see Ravi and Keerti.



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