Soundtrack #1 Hotstar Trailer Sun-woo Eun-soo love story

Soundtrack #1 Hotstar Trailer Sun-woo Eun-soo love story

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Soundtrack #1 Hotstar Trailer Sun-woo Eun-soo love story Soundtrack #1 Trailer Description from When Eun-soo is asked to write lyrics for a song by a famous composer, she seeks help from her longtime friend turned housemate, Sun-woo. She asks him to come home and become her assistant. She appears more than happy but refuses. She tells that she isn’t angry on him anymore. She hands him a bouquet of flowers. Next day, he pops up at her door. She asks him how did he come. He tells that he knows she needs his help. She welcomes him. He starts helping her in writing the lyrics. They both come close while spending time. She asks him if he likes someone, is someone is there in his life.

Then enters his girlfriend, Seo-yeon Kim. Eun-soo meets a tarot card reader. She learns about the new opportunities coming her way. She tells that Tae-yoon wanted to work with her, which was unbelievable for her. Sun-woo and Eun-soo decide to stay together till the end of their lives. He tells her that he will do as she wants. She tells that they have to stay friends. He supports her from all his heart.

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