YRKKH Twin babies news 11th December 2022 Update

YRKKH Twin babies news 11th December 2022 Update

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YRKKH Twin babies news 11th December 2022 Update Abhimanyu and Akshara’s coming baby brings a tension in the family. Abhimanyu decides to get the baby aborted for the sake of Akshara’s life. He wants Akshara safe. The elders decide to support the children without asking them anything. Manjiri wants to help Abhimanyu in taking the right decision. She sympathizes with Akshara. She doesn’t want Abhimanyu to force Akshara for terminating the pregnancy. Manish supports Abhimanyu after understanding his dilemma. He tells that he is sorry but he can’t take any risk for Akshara.

Akshara doesn’t know what to do to convince Abhimanyu. She tries her luck for the last time and asks Abhimanyu to make her hear the baby’s heartbeat once. Abhimanyu agrees to Akshara’s request. He makes Akshara hear the baby’s heartbeat just before the abortion procedure. Abhimanyu gets overwhelmed realizing that its twin babies, Akshara is carrying twins. She asks the reason for Abhimanyu’s reaction, why does he look worried. He tells about the two different heartbeats, which means its their twin babies. After hearing the heartbeats of the twins, Abhimanyu decides to keep the babies for keeping Akshara’s heart. Akshara convinces him by making him accept the miracle.

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