Imlie Upcoming 12th December 2022 Is Devika dead?

Imlie Upcoming 12th December 2022 Is Devika dead?

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Imlie Upcoming 12th December 2022 Is Devika dead? Atharv accuses Imlie for intoxicating Naina. Imlie feels she is foolish to feel guilty. She wants to tell Atharv the truth after the event ends. Atharv confronts her for her move. He tells that Naina is emotional, but she is a kid, she can’t consume any spiked drink. He insults her for trying to ruin Naina’s big performance of her life. He asks Imlie how can she be so insecure. Imlie admits that she had doubted Naina. He tells that Naina is the only earning member of her family, not everyone is rich like Imlie. He taunts that she doesn’t value money. He feels embarrassed because of Imlie.

He asks her to not take any such step with a random thinking. He rebukes Imlie for her actions and walks off, being too disheartened with her insecurity. Imlie doesn’t know that Chini has manipulated Atharv against her. She sheds tears, and the sight gives much happiness to Chini. Imlie wants to prove the truth to Atharv. Suddenly, chaos break out at the event venue. Atharv, Imlie and Rudra get worried. Atharv asks Inspector about his mom. Inspector tells that they have a found a body, whose description matches with Devika. Atharv and Rudra are shattered when they check the body for identification. They receive a huge shock. Imlie also breaks down. Is Devika dead? Keep reading.

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