Kundali Bhagya Spoilers 13th December 2022 Karan's plan

Kundali Bhagya Spoilers 13th December 2022 Karan’s plan

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Kundali Bhagya Spoilers 13th December 2022 Karan’s plan Arjun meets Rishabh in the Luthra house. He has given seven days challenge to Rishabh. he wants to teach a lesson to Rishabh. He tells that Sameer and Rishabh aren’t safe now, they aren’t a part of the Pharma company. He owns the Pharma company now. He tells that he has bought the majority of shares from the company’s shareholders. He tells that he is the new owner, he is eager to win the challenge, he wanted to give them the good news and came home to share it. Preeta asks him to get out if he is done. He asks her not to anger him by talking rudely, then he gets more stubborn to take over the house and family. He tells that he will renovate the entire house.

The family intervenes in his plans. Karan tells that he has come to win the family. Rishabh tells that Karan can win the shares or the company, but not the house. He asks him to show the official papers of the company ownership. He tells that Arjun shouldn’t come in anyone’s house without permission, even if he holds 51% shares of the Pharma company. He asks Arjun to not come back again.

He tells that he doesn’t care if he loses the Pharma company. He shows the door to Arjun. He tells that Arjun can’t dominate all the time. Karan tells that he will come as the owner of the Luthra house. Rishabh asks Arjun not to forget that they are Luthras. He warns Arjun to keep his sight away from the house. Karan agrees with the point. He tells that he is happy to see his frustration. Rishabh asks him to wake up from his foolish dreams. He asks the family not to feel disturbed because of Arjun. Keep reading.






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