Bhagya Lakshmi 14th December 2022 Written Update Kiran’s truth

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th December 2022 Written Update Kiran's truth

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th December 2022 Written Update Kiran’s truth Rishi swears on Neelam that if Kiran testifies against Lakshmi, then he will make Lakshmi out of the house. He tells that if Kiran accepts about Lakshmi’s involvement in the accident, then he will keep his promise. Neelam tells that their relation will break if the promise breaks. She hopes that her son doesn’t break the promise. Rishi and Lakshmi meet Kiran. They get worried and want to know Kiran’s statement. Inspector asks Kiran how did the accident happen. He also wants to cross check about Lakshmi’s involvement. Kiran thinks to tell the truth to Lakshmi. Will Malishka permit Kiran to tell the truth? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Malishka comes to meet Kiran. Kiran gets upset with her. Nurse tells Malishka that Kiran remembers Lakshmi, she wants to meet her. Malishka inquires as to what she wishes to discuss with her. Kiran says that Lakshmi saved her life. Malishka asks the nurse to leave. The nurse tells that she will go and inform the doctor as well as the police.


Malishka tells that she didn’t plan the accident. Kiran tells her that she has overheard her conversation with Sonal and Ashish. She inquires as to why she planned such a heinous crime. She tells that Sonal is a big criminal, she planned Lakshmi’s murder. She goes on to say that she was going to save Lakshmi, and it’s a good thing Lakshmi is safe because Malishka would have been trapped otherwise. She wants to tell the truth to Lakshmi. Malishka begs her to not tell anyone. Sonal watches them and leaves. Neelam asks Rishi to promise her. Virender stops Neelam. He asks Rishi not to give any promise, Lakshmi is innocent. He asks Neelam to not compel Rishi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th December 2022 Written Update Kiran’s truth:

Virender asks Neelam not to put Rishi into trouble. He asks Neelam not to make Rishi promise anything, because Lakshmi is innocent. He asks her to challenge Rishi and Lakshmi to stay happy together. Neelam tells that she wants to separate Rishi from Lakshmi, because she wishes good for her son, she is protecting him from an unlucky woman, from a criminal. She doesn’t want to lose Rishi. She sheds tears. She asks Rishi to promise her, else just say that he can’t promise.

Malishka asks Kiran not to spoil her game. She tells her plan of framing Lakshmi. Kiran doesn’t trust her. She tells that she will tell the truth to Lakshmi. Malishka begs her. Kiran asks her to get away. Malishka asks her to stop. Sonal is worried that Kiran isn’t supporting them. Malishka tells that Kiran got conscious, she is angry and wants to tell the truth to Lakshmi. Sonal tells that she knew it, Kiran will support Lakshmi. Malishka tells that Kiran is a nice person, she wishes good for her, she did a lot for her. She asks Sonal to think many times before saying anything about Kiran.

Sonal asks her to think what she would do. Neelam asks Lakshmi not to come between Rishi and her. Lakshmi tells that its her matter, she doesn’t want any rift between Neelam and Rishi. She promises to leave the house if Kiran tells that she is responsible for the accident. Neelam asks her how can she promise. She asks Rishi to say, if he can promise her. She reminds that Rishi was divorcing Lakshmi before. Rishi promises Neelam. He tells that if Kiran accepts it, Lakshmi is behind the accident, then he will oust Lakshmi and make her away from their family. Neelam gets relieved.

She tells that if the promise breaks then the relation will also break. She hopes he won’t break the promise. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he trusts her, he will never leave her. She sheds tears. Sonal comes to meet Kiran, who confesses about the accident done by Sonal. Kiran tells that she had come to save Lakshmi’s life, and got injured. She adds that Malishka isn’t involved in it. Sonal rebukes her. She shuts the door. She tells Kiran that if she tells the truth, then Malishka will also get trapped. She threatens Kiran and asks her not to do wrong. She tells that she has a proof that Malishka was also involved in the crime. She adds that Rishi will never marry Malishka knowing she is a criminal.

She asks Kiran to decide if she wants to ruin Malishka’s life. Rishi and Lakshmi come there with the family. Rishi asks why was the door shut for long. Doctor tells that Kiran is fine, but her BP is high. Sonal tells them that Kiran wants to go home. Doctor permits Kiran to go. Police arrives and asks Kiran to give her statement. He asks how did the accident happen. Kiran tells that she will say the truth. Sonal doesn’t want to spare Malishka. Malishka fears that she will be finished. She regrets that she planned Lakshmi’s accident. Kiran tells about Lakshmi pushing her in front of the car. She testifies against Lakshmi. She lies that Lakshmi was angry and pushed her towards the speeding car. Inspector asks if she means Lakshmi is responsible for the accident. Kiran says yes.

Shalu and Ayush come to the hospital. He encourages her. Kiran tells that Lakshmi has tried to kill her, she might have wanted to take revenge on Malishka. Sonal tells that Lakshmi will go to jail now. Lakshmi tells that she didn’t do anything, Kiran is lying. She asks Kiran to recall again, the speeding car was going to hit her, she tried to save Kiran. Malishka asks Lakshmi how dare she blames Kiran. Lakshmi asks Malishka didn’t she see worrying for Kiran. Sonal calls it a drama. Rishi tells that Kiran is mistaken, Lakshmi was trying to help Kiran, she was begging the people for help just to save Kiran’s life. Malishka asks Rishi how can he suspect Kiran. He tells that he is damn sure that Kiran is wrong.

Kiran continues to lie. Virender asks her to think again. Rishi asks Kiran not to frame Lakshmi. Kiran tells that she will not say anything if he wants. Inspector tells that the culprit should be punished. He arrests Lakshmi. Rishi tells that Lakshmi didn’t do anything. Virender tells the Inspector that Lakshmi is innocent.

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