Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2022 Written Update Wedding freak

Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2022 Written Update Wedding freak

Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2022 Written Update Wedding Rhea hinders Prachi. She informs Prachi of what Ranbir has told her. She tells Prachi that Ranbir wants her to leave him alone. Prachi rushes to meet Ranbir, in the presence of Aryan and Sahana. Ranbir calls Prachi lucky to have a life partner like Sid, and congratulates her. She asks him if he is congratulating her on the marriage, and if he wants this marriage to happen. Ranbir replies with a nod. Rhea taunts Prachi. She tells that Prachi is wearing a mangalsutra of Ranbir’s name, but his name isn’t connected to her anymore, his name is separated. Prachi looks at Ranbir sadly. Prachi accepts the wedding challenge to show Ranbir the error of his ways. Will Ranbir realize his blunder and stop Prachi from marrying Sid? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Aryan tells Ranbir that he has complicated his life. He reveals that Mili loves him, but he loves Sahana. Ranbir tells that he already knew it that Aryan loves Sahana. Sahana asks Aryan what’s the matter.


Ranbir asks him to tell the truth to Sahana. Sahana asks him about the matter. Ranbir tells that Aryan is feeling something. He thinks Sahana is duffer to not realize Aryan’s feelings. Vikram inquires of the pandit as to how he arrived. Pandit tells that he has given a mahurat for the marriage. Aaliya tells that Sid and Prachi should get married. He asks Pallavi about delaying the marriage. She tells them that they shouldn’t postpone the marriage when Ranbir is okay. Ranbir hears this and turns upset.

Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2022 Written Update Wedding freak:

Pallavi tells that the marriage will happen day after tomorrow. Vikram tells that it will be too early. Pallavi tells him that there is no mahurat till next few months, marriage will get hectic for Prachi in the pregnancy’s last trimester. Rhea happily goes to give the good news to Prachi. She hugs Prachi and congratulates her on her bad fate. Prachi asks her to get lost if she came to speak nonsense. She tells that her fate is really good, Rhea knows it already.

Rhea asks her to know that the marriage date is fixed. Prachi is shocked to know that Sid and her marriage date is fixed. Rhea hugs her. She pretends sad that Prachi will leave the house. She tells that it’s so confusing, but Prachi shouldn’t be confused about her groom, she has to marry only Sid. She asks Prachi not to fight with her. Prachi tells that Ranbir didn’t even recover. Rhea tells that Prachi is marrying Sid, not Ranbir. Prachi asks her to just leave.

Rhea asks her to have some girly talks. She tells that she will sleep in Prachi’s room and exchange some tips on pleasing their husbands. She asks Prachi what night clothes does Ranbir likes to see. Prachi gets angry and goes away. Rhea jumps with happiness after irritating Prachi. Prachi rushes to Ranbir. He asks her what is she doing. She asks him if he is a teenager who will fight and show he cares for her. He asks her to spare him. She asks is she a problem. He admits that she is a big problem of his life. He asks her to leave him alone. She asks him to listen to her. Rhea asks her not to trouble Ranbir.

She asks Prachi to remember that she isn’t Prachi Ranbir Kohli now. Prachi asks her to shut up. Rhea reminds her words. She tells that two days are left now. She asks Prachi to remember Ranbir’s words, Ranbir asked her to leave him alone. She tells that its power of Rhea that Prachi will leave. Prachi taunts her poor thinking. Rhea tells that she knows Ranbir well, he has gone out to relax his mind, when he comes back, he will decide to abandon Prachi. Aryan asks Ranbir to speak to his family and stop the marriage. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t care. Aryan asks him to go and tell Prachi.

Ranbir tells that he questioned Prachi about Sid and her outing, Prachi didn’t answer anything, maybe Rhea was saying right that Prachi isn’t happy with him, Prachi wants to live with Sid. Aryan asks him why is he thinking so. Ranbir tells that it’s the truth. He regrets that he never suspected Sid and Sid did this. Prachi reaches there. She asks Ranbir doesn’t he care about the marriage. He congratulates her. She asks him does he want this marriage to happen. Ranbir nods in reply.

Aaliya asks Prachi to go, Pallavi is calling her right away. Prachi leaves in anger. Pallavi asks Dadi to handle the food arrangements and decide the menu also. She asks Prachi to meet the jeweller and choose any good jewellery for the marriage. She asks the jeweller to show a wonderful and unique mangalsutra for Prachi. Prachi tells that she is already wearing a mangalsutra. Rhea reminds that Prachi isn’t Ranbir’s wife now, she should wear mangalsutra of Sid’s name, because she is marrying Sid. She criticizes Prachi. She asks her to start a new life. She asks the jeweller to show some good designs to Prachi.

Prachi and Ranbir see each other. Ranbir tells Aryan that he isn’t feeling bad seeing all this drama. He goes away. Aaliya and Rhea ask Prachi to change the mangalsutra and also her hubby. Rhea calls Prachi lucky. Prachi remembers her marriage with Ranbir. Rhea asks Prachi to choose one. Prachi feels she got too late in managing her marriage with Ranbir. She sadly walks away. Sahana goes after her. She asks Prachi to not worry and have faith. Prachi sheds tears.

Sahana asks her to have faith on her love and also on Ranbir, everything will get fine. Prachi hugs her and sheds tears. Aaliya surprises Rhea that she has gone to book honeymoon tickets. Rhea hugs and thanks her. Aaliya tells that the tickets are for Sid and Prachi. She explains her plan. She tells that Sid and Prachi will lose their passport and get engaged in a wrong activity, they will get arrested, then they will never return to India. Rhea loves her idea. She asks Pallavi to prove herself as the best Saas to Prachi.

She asks her to give the honeymoon tickets to Prachi and Sid. Pallavi is pleased to see Rhea’s efforts. Rhea asks her not to tell Prachi that it’s a gift from her side. Pallavi agrees and thanks her for thinking so much for Prachi. She tells that she will also plan something good for Rhea. Rhea smiles happily. Aaliya tells that this plan will be proved fool-proof. Pallavi asks Prachi is she okay. Prachi tells that she is okay. Pallavi tells that the marriage will be too memorable. She gives the honeymoon tickets. Prachi isn’t happy.

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