Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Prachi confronts Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Prachi confronts Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Prachi confronts Rhea Prachi gets a threatening note with stains of blood on it. While reading it, she becomes terrified. The person asks her not to act smart, or else Mihika’s final rites will take place before her/Prachi’s marriage. She wonders if Aaliya and Rhea can fall to this extent. She rushes to show the letter to Sid. Aaliya tells Rhea that Prachi and Sid will get married, Prachi will be out of Ranbir’s life, and then when Prachi and Sid go to London on their honeymoon trip, they will never come back, Prachi will be gone forever. Rhea repeats the plan of sending their aide to steal Prachi’s passport and frame her for the illegal activity. Prachi opens the door and barges in. Aaliya and Rhea get alert. Prachi confronts them about the threatening note. How long will Mihika’s chapter drag in the story? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya and Rhea execute their evil plan to get rid of Prachi. Rhea goes to Pallavi and asks her to give the honeymoon tickets to Prachi and Sid. Pallavi is pleased to see Rhea’s efforts. Rhea asks her not to tell Prachi that it’s a gift from her side. Pallavi agrees and thanks her for thinking so much for Prachi. She tells that she will also plan something good for Rhea. Rhea smiles happily. Aaliya tells that this plan will be proved fool-proof. Pallavi asks Prachi is she okay. Prachi tells that she is okay. Pallavi tells that the marriage will be too memorable. She gives the honeymoon tickets. Prachi isn’t happy.


Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Prachi confronts Rhea:

Pallavi pacifies Prachi, asking her not to worry about the things happening in haste. She tells that marriage has to happen in an auspicious time. She adds that the marriage will happen in a grand way, she wasn’t happy when Prachi married Ranbir, but this time she will do everything to please Prachi, Prachi’s marriage with Sid will be memorable. She assures that she will support Prachi. She tells Prachi that their relationship will continue after marriage and that she can look to her as a mother figure and seek help from her.She shows her true support to Prachi.

She gives London tickets for the honeymoon. She asks her to accept it as a wedding gift. She blesses Prachi to make a new start with Sid. Prachi gets emotional upon seeing Pallavi’s affection. She goes to Rhea to ask her about the tickets. She doesn’t find Rhea in the room. She calls up Rhea. Pallavi finds Prachi in Rhea’s room and asks her does she have any work. She tells Prachi to go to bed early and rest.She tells that they will go shopping tomorrow. Prachi unwillingly leaves.

Ranbir dreams of Prachi. She tells that she felt he loved her and would stop her from marrying Sid, he wouldn’t be able to live without her, but he isn’t confessing his feelings. Ranbir hugs her. They both shed tears. Ranbir feels the separation, just like Prachi. They both wake up from the strange dream. They wonder what was the message of the dream, someone was trying to separate them, but they don’t want to get away. They hope that they never get separated. She decides to tell the truth to Ranbir about Sid and her. She tells that Ranbir is misjudging her.

Pallavi asks Prachi to get ready for shopping. She tells that Prachi should not make anyone worry, when she knows that nothing is going to change now. She states that it will be good if Prachi accepts the truth, it will just trouble everything if Prachi runs away from the truth. She asks her not to anger her, and rush to get ready. She makes a leave. Prachi gets a threatening ransom note. She reads the threatening note about Mihika’s life. She doesn’t tell anything to Pallavi. Ranbir asks Aryan to talk to him. He doesn’t want to attend the marriage function. He feels sad thinking of Prachi and Sid. He decides to make a work excuse and go away from the house.

Meanwhile, Dadi tells Vikram that they can’t do anything for Ranbir and Prachi now. Sahana tells Aryan that something should happen in Ranbir and Prachi’s favor. He tells that he also gave up, because nothing is working. She asks him not to lose. She tells that she will tell him the truth. He tells that she doesn’t need to come close to talk. She tells that Prachi left a letter when she went away from the house. Aryan feels love for her. She asks him is he okay. Vikram asks what’s happening between them. Aryan and Sahana make excuses. Vikram sees Ranbir and asks where was he since morning. Ranbir lies to him. Pallavi and Prachi come home. Pallavi shows the clothes she has purchased for everyone. She gives the gifts. Ranbir doesn’t show interest in the gifts. He wants to go away from Prachi, but the fate brings him close to her again. Rhea watches them share an eyelock. Pallavi tries to stop Prachi, who goes after Ranbir. Pallavi doesn’t want any drama. She asks Sahana to give the bridal dress to Prachi. Aaliya refuses to wear the pathetic dress. Rhea tells that it would be Prachi’s choice. Aaliya wants Prachi to get out of their lives. Aaliya and Rhea rejoice on their plan’s success. Prachi says that it would be Rhea’s idea to get the London tickets for honeymoon. She feels Rhea has smartly played the game.

Rhea informs Prachi that they have surrounded her on all sides and that she must marry Sid and relocate to London. She praises Aaliya for her idea. Prachi reaches their room and overhears them. Rhea tells that they will prepare to see off Prachi. Aaliya tells that Prachi will go on honeymoon. Rhea sees Prachi at the door and stops revealing her plan. Prachi tells that their relationship will change in future too, Rhea is her sister but a big fraud. She reveals that she heard everything. Aaliya asks Rhea not to talk aloud. She tells that they were just joking.

Prachi asks them not to hide the truth. She wonders why they are denying the matter. She tells them that its their idea to send her away to London. She taunts Rhea who can’t do anything without Aaliya’s support. She tells that she will expose their drama. She lectures them on Karma. She tells that time will change, they will get trapped in their own plan. She asks Aaliya to act sensible. Aaliya congratulates her for the marriage in advance. Prachi angrily goes. Rhea inquires as to what Prachi was saying. Aaliya and Rhea joke on Prachi’s future and laugh. Prachi remembers their words. She feels she has no time to stop the marriage, it’s too late.

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  1. The Dumbest character female lead is Prachi’.Just end this show please.
    Prachi is her own worst enemy.Her child without his real father,her marriage breaking,her second marriage with Sid is Prachi’ s fault.She wants to be God to save everyone else but her life,her baby’s future ,her husband,her marriage and her happy family married life.
    She is the entire cause for Rhea to constantly cause her harm.So Prachi can’t request police help or ranbir in Mikiha,s kidnapping.Prachi rather play a puppet in Alliya n Rhea’s hand n ruin her life.Prachi knows Rhea not pregnant but yet she allows Rhea to fool everyone.
    Prachi’ underlying nnu condition love for rhea n her numerous challenges n speeches to Rhea have destroyed Prachi n now will destroy Prachi’s child life ,the child relationship with his real father n any normal life as real family because Rhea n Mihika life is more precious n important than Prachi’s or her baby.
    Disliking that foolish dummie prachi.likewise Shahana was there nbsay everything but yet her mouth stitch as well
    This story line is beyond disgusting.Worst than a criminal show.


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