Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Karan strikes

Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Karan strikes

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Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Karan strikes Rishabh and Sameer come to Arjun’s house to meet him. They meet Anjali and Dadi. They ask Anjali to call Arjun. Arjun asks them to leave, Arjun won’t be coming. Rishabh refuses to leave. He gets into an argument with Anjali. He tells that he doesn’t want Arjun to come into Kavya’s life. He angrily scolds Anjali. He tells that Arjun and Anjali do wrong always and then provoke their anger, then they blame them for the natural reaction, is it their mistake if they want to keep Kavya safe from Arjun.

He adds that Preeta doesn’t want Arjun to come close to them because Arjun tries to do things that anger them, he speaks such things that they get troubled, Arjun always does something wrong, he tests their patience. He continues that when their patience breaks, they will attack Arjun and he won’t be able to tolerate it then. He leaves Anjali with a warning. He tells Sameer that Arjun isn’t in the house, since he can see the truth on Anjali’s face. He requests that Dadi to explain Anjali and Arjun to not spoil their lives, it won’t be better for any of the family members. Anjali asks Rishabh to stop. Rishabh turns deaf ears and leaves. Karan strikes Rishabh’s business to break him down. Will Karan succeed in his revenge? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2022 Preview Written Update Karan strikes:

Inspector arrests Rishabh for making fake medicines and putting the people’s lives in danger. Rishabh and Preeta are shocked, while Karan gets happy at the sight. Anjali tells Arjun’s motive to Dadi. She tells that Arjun’s motive is to ruin the Luthras and he will fulfil his motive somehow. Preeta reprimands Arjun and asks him why did he do this, when he knows it well that they don’t sell any fake medicines. Karan tells that he just wanted her attention. Rishabh turns angered seeing him flirt with Preeta. Karan asks Preeta when will she understand him. Preeta gets speechless.

Earlier in the show, Preeta apologizes to Malkani for the past matters. She tells that she will hire him in the company again by speaking to Rishabh. She asks him to think, they can work well in unity. He asks her to give some time to him. She thanks him. She tells Rakhi that she will go to the godown. Rakhi tells that they will come along. The ladies leave in the car. Karan sees Rakhi driving and wonders why is she driving, she has become superwoman to rescue Rishabh. He wants to rebuke Preeta. He feels its better if Preeta and Rishabh get insulted by the people. He wants to reach there and watch the huge drama.

Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Update Karan strikes:

Mahesh asks Sameer not to raise hand on the media. Sameer tells that the reporters are misbehaving. Rishabh and Mahesh answer the media and defend themselves. Mahesh is sure that someone is trying to defame them and break them down. Karan finds Mahesh smart to guess his plan. Rishabh asks Sandeep to call the person who has sent him. Sandeep blames Rishabh for getting rude. Karan calls him and asks him not to misbehave with Mahesh. He asks Sandeep to just insult Rishabh. Sandeep makes an apology and leaves. Karan watches Rakhi, Preeta and Shrishti reaching there. Rishabh asks why did they come.

Sameer tells that they should have not come. The reporter tells that Luthra women have come to support their husbands, they are also aware of the fact that fake medicines are getting manufactured in the company. Preeta asks the reporter not to present false news in front of the public. Police arrives there to arrest Rishabh on the charges of ruining many lives by manufacturing wrong medicines. Rishabh asks Inspector to investigate the matter well. Preeta and Rakhi hinder the arrest. They argue with the inspector, while defending Rishabh.

Rakhi tells that Rishabh is innocent. Mahesh asks how can they arrest Rishabh when there is no proof. Preeta asks Inspector to arrest Rishabh when there is any proof against him. Karan thinks its time to make an entry. The reporters ask Arjun did he want to expose Rishabh and take revenge on him, is this business rivalry or something else. Preeta asks Arjun did he get happy doing this. Karan asks her to be happy, he isn’t attacking them by using any girl. Mahesh asks him to keep some shame. Karan tells them that he loves all of them, he is happy that they all will become his family soon. His words shock the Luthras. He asks them to call him anytime they need him, he will try to solve the problem.

Preeta asks him to shut up. She asks Inspector to get the evidence first. He tells that they have proof against Rishabh. Karan offers help to insult them. Malkani reaches there and gives the anticipatory bail order to save Rishabh from the arrest. Inspector makes a leave. Preeta thanks Malkani. She asks Arjun did he see what she has done to defeat his disgusting move. She tells that he won’t succeed in his motives, he won’t win all the time. Karan tells that he didn’t want to call the media or get the pharma company raided to expose them.

She tells that he knows it well, they don’t sell any fake medicines. He tells that he just wants her attention. He asks when will she understand his motives. He makes a leave. Rishabh asks Preeta to not talk to Arjun again. Preeta tells that Arjun is planning something big, his motive is something else, he is going to put them in a big trouble. She asks him to be careful. He asks her not to feel scared, they are together to face this situation. Mahesh asks them to come home. He doesn’t permit Rishabh to go to office alone.

Anjali watches the news. Karan comes home. He asks her if anything happened. She tells that the news they wanted didn’t come. Mahesh tells the family that the news will make their position down in the business, they will suffer a loss. Karan tells that Luthras Pharma company shares will crash and they will bear a huge loss. Anjali asks him to check the companies’ details. She tells that those companies will buy Luthras’ pharma company shares on their behalf. He leaves in a rush. She wonders what had happened. She tells Dadi that Arjun has realized the real way to fight the battle.

Dadi wants to be happy for Arjun, but feels something wrong is happening. Rishabh asks Mahesh not to be negative and give them some time. Sameer tells that their company will rise up again. Rishabh asks him to find a logical reason to answer Arjun. Anjali tells that Arjun isn’t any ordinary guy, he is just like Mahabharat’s Arjun, his aim is to ruin the Luthras, he will ruin them anyhow. Dadi asks why does Arjun hate Luthras, who started this battle. Anjali tells that Luthras had started it, but Arjun will end it. Karan reaches the Luthra house. Dadi asks Anjali to have some food.

Anjali tells that they are expanding the business. She hopes that they bag the deal. She receives a good news. Luthras’ name gets maligned. Their company shares begin to sink. The family gets upset. Sameer tells them that their shares value have dropped, but different companies have bought the shares, they got saved. Anjali informs Arjun that they got all the shares of Luthras’ pharma company. Arjun asks them about the stake they are holding. She informs that they got the majority stake. He tells that he will go and shock Rishabh. She asks him not to worry, but just control his anger. He promises.

He tells that its time to celebrate their victory. Rishabh tells that they are still the owner of their pharma company, Arjun can’t take over their company, he doesn’t have 51 percent shares. Karan meets them and gives the bad news that they lost their pharma company. He reveals that he owns 51 percent shares of the company, so he is the owner of the company now. Luthras are taken by shock. Arjun tells that he has bought the shares from the different companies. He reminds Rishabh that one day is already over, and just six days are left from his seven-day challenge. Preeta asks him to get out.

Karan asks her not to anger him by such rude behavior. He calls the interior designer and asks her to take the house pictures to change the interiors. Shrishti asks the lady to leave. Karan asks her not to bother. Rishabh asks him to show the papers of ownership. He doesn’t permit Arjun to enter his house. He tells that they are Luthras, they don’t have just one business, they don’t care if they lose one company. He asks him to keep his eyes off his family. Karan tells that he will get the shares ownership papers soon. He feels happy seeing Rishabh’s frustration. Rishabh asks him not to get delusional.

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