Udaariyaan 14th December 2022 Written Update Ekam’s entry

Udaariyaan 14th December 2022 Written Update Ekam's entry

Udaariyaan 14th December 2022 Written Update Ekam’s entry Nehmat stops the marriage rituals when she learns that Nikhil is her groom. The families are shocked to see this huge blunder of the swapped brides. Shelly worries that Jasmin’s plan failed and now Jasmin won’t spare her. Satti blames Shelly for putting the ghunghat on the brides’ faces and creating this huge confusion. Jasmin speaks to her daughter Harleen, who enquires about Ekam. Jasmin rushes to see the marriage. Nehmat goes to Advait. Naaz goes to stand with Nikhil. Jasmin arrives and is astounded to see Naaz’s fate betray her.She wanted Naaz to marry Advait. Shelly takes away Jasmin from there. She doesn’t let Jasmin come in front of everyone.

Jasmin goes mad and asks who did this. She blames Shelly. Shelly shouts that she didn’t do this, Nehmat has failed their plan. Jasmin does not want Shelly to be a part of her plan.Shelly begs her to stop. Naaz and Nikhil happily exchange the garlands, while Nehmat and Advait are forced to marry. Rupy cries for Nehmat. Shelly asks Jasmin to stop. Jasmin slaps her in anger. Jasmin tells that Nehmat will get everything, while Naaz will be left empty-handed. Shelly asks Jasmin to look at herself, if she comes in front of everyone, then she will face a big humiliation. She calms down Jasmin. She feeds her a spiked drink to faint her down. She takes Jasmin to the room.


Ekam runs to the marriage venue to stop Nehmat’s marriage. Ekam and Nehmat think of each other, and shed tears. Nehmat takes the wedding rounds with Advait, while her eyes search for Ekam everywhere. Ekam proves her love true by reaching there and stopping the marriage. He stops Nehmat’s wedding rounds with Advait. He shouts that Nehmat can’t do this marriage. Nehmat is overjoyed to see her Ekam return.Her eyes well up with tears of joy.Nehmat and Ekam have an emotional union in the mandap. Ekam breaks her gathbandhan with Advait. He asks Nehmat can she marry someone else when she is just of Ekam.

Rupy gets happy to see them united. Ekam apologizes to Nehmat for not believing her and rebuking her. He asks her not to punish him for his foolishness, he can’t live without her. He reminds her the promise that they will live together, they can never get separated. He adds that he will die without her. He tells that she is his God, he will not let her marry someone else. He kisses her forehead, in front of Advait and the families present. Ekam acts bravely, confident in his love.He lifts Nehmat in arms and takes her away. Rupy gets happy that Nehmat got her love. Nehmat smiles happily. Sadly, this turns out to be her dream. Advait finds Nehmat lost in Ekam’s thoughts. Ekam falls on the road and cries.

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