Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2022 Written Update Revenge plot

Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2022 Written Update Revenge plot

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Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2022 Written Update Revenge plot Rishabh and Sameer warn Anjali to mend her ways. They ask her to give their message to Arjun. Anjali tells that Arjun’s motive is to ruin the Luthras. She knows well that Arjun will succeed in his motives anyhow. She is glad that he is taking revenge without having any soft corner for anyone. Rishabh’s words trigger Karan to buy the Luthra house. Karan decides to buy the Luthra house and throw out Rishabh. Karan tells Anjali that he is planning another strike against Rishabh on Day 2 of his seven-day challenge. He enjoys seeing Rishabh in tension. He says that he will change everything in Rishabh’s life. Rishabh fails to understand the reason for his revenge. He doesn’t find Arjun around and wonders what Arjun is up to now. Karan prepares a new shock for Luthras. Do you find this revenge drama interesting? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Karan asks her not to anger him by such rude behavior. He calls the interior designer and asks her to take the house pictures to change the interiors. Shrishti asks the lady to leave. Karan asks her not to bother. Rishabh asks him to show the papers of ownership. He doesn’t permit Arjun to enter his house. He tells that they are Luthras, they don’t have just one business, they don’t care if they lose one company. He asks him to keep his eyes off his family. Karan tells that he will get the shares ownership papers soon. He feels happy seeing Rishabh’s frustration. Rishabh asks him not to get delusional.

Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2022 Written Update Revenge plot:

Anjali is tensed that Arjun isn’t answering her calls. She wants him to just be safe. She grows worried, until Arjun comes home. Karan tells that he is okay, nobody can harm him. She asks him if he is okay, what did he do at the Luthra house, did he marry Preeta. He tells that he will talk to her later. Preeta gets scared when Shrishti comes suddenly. Shrishti asks her about the fear. Preeta tells that she isn’t scared of Arjun. Shrishti tells that she didn’t take Arjun’s name. She knows the things happening aren’t good. She asks Preeta to tell her what’s happening.

Preeta tells that she is affected mentally, she is tensed because of Arjun’s challenge of marrying her. She tells that its natural to get scared, Arjun is threatening them and ruining Rishabh. She is scared thinking Arjun might win and defeat them. She doesn’t care for the money. She tells that the Luthras are hardworking and might earn the money back. She worries for the family’s safety and respect. She tells that Arjun is breaking Rishabh’s self-confidence. She worries that the things will shatter. She finds it weird that she feels scared meeting Arjun’s eyes, like his words will turn true. Shrishti consoles Preeta.

Arjun remembers Preeta. He tells that he didn’t forget her, so he got his lost memories back. He doesn’t want Preeta to forget her. He tells that she has to remember him, their marriage will be the most different one because it’s a revengeful marriage. He wants to make Preeta away from Rishabh, who won’t be able to do anything. On the other side, Rishabh loses his peace of mind. Sameer asks Rishabh is he in tension. Rishabh tells that he is angry. He beats the punching bag and vents out anger. Karan also tires himself by venting out his anger in a similar way.

Anjali pacifies Karan, while Sameer stays by Rishabh’s side. Mahesh is also worried for Rishabh and Preeta. He tells Rakhi that he is scared because of Rishabh and Arjun’s clash, they both are similar. Kareena hears this and asks him how can he compare them, Arjun is short-tempered and egoistic, but Rishabh is sensible and calm. Mahesh asks her if she remembers when Rishabh joined the business. She tells that Rishabh handled the business when Mahesh fell sick and doctor advised Mahesh to rest.

Rakhi tells that Rishabh got matured because of the situation. Mahesh tells that Rishabh is calm and also aggressive, he has two sides, he maturely deals with the clients and wins any big tender, but his aggression makes him stubborn, he can either win or get himself ruined, Arjun has the same aggression. Kareena tells that Arjun isn’t mature. He fears that Rishabh will lose. Rishabh reaches there and hears Mahesh speaking of Arjun. Mahesh tells that Arjun is also mature, his eyes have depth, a story where they are his enemies, they don’t know the story.

Rishabh tells that Arjun regards him an enemy, he has started this fight and now it shall soon end. He asks them to trust him, he will fight till the end and make them proud. Kareena is glad to see his confidence. Mahesh tells that he is scared seeing Rishabh’s aggression mode on. He fears that Rishabh and Arjun’s clash will end everything for them. Rakhi gets afraid hearing this. Rishabh and Karan feel hatred for each other. Karan tells that the storm has come now, everyone will feel it will cause destruction. He wants to erase all the evil.

Shrishti tells that Arjun has gone mad for Preeta, why does he want to marry her, he is doing everything to get her. Preeta remembers Arjun’s marriage proposal. She tells that she has seen this passion in his eyes many times, but she went on ignoring it always. Shrishti asks why didn’t she tell them before. Preeta tells that they will handle everything, they have to be strong. Shrishti asks her to share things. The sisters hug and console each other. Preeta sends off Shrishti. She gets a video call from an unknown number. She answers and sees Arjun. Karan tells that he called her from a private number.

She disconnects the call. Preeta calls on his number. She tells that she isn’t scared of him. He tells that one day from the seven-day challenge is over now, and Rishabh lost his Pharma company. She knows he can stoop to any level to insult others. He tells that he is a good person, but she has a misunderstand about him. He asks her to know him a bit, because they are soon going to get married. He tells that once he decides something, he wins it, he will win everything from Rishabh, he belongs everything. He tells her that Kavya belongs to him, which means Preeta also belongs to him.

Preeta asks him to shut up. He wants to win one more thing on the second day of the challenge. The next day, Preeta drops Kavya to the school. Kavya asks for a balloon and an icecream. Karan reaches there and watches Kavya and Preeta from his car. He smiles seeing Kavya’s mischief. Preeta buys a balloon, but refuses to buy an icecream that can make Kavya sick in a cold weather. Kavya turns upset. Karan wonders what is Preeta doing, she has made Kavya upset. He wants to buy an icecream for Kavya. He asks the icecream vendor to pull the stall inside the school. He wants to fulfil his daughter’s wish.

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