Udaariyaan 19th December 2022 Written Update Advait accuses Nehmat

Udaariyaan 19th December 2022 Written Update Advait accuses Nehmat

Udaariyaan 19th December 2022 Written Update Advait accuses Nehmat Ekam and Advait have a face-off. Nehmat grows worried seeing their clash. Advait still doesn’t know the reason behind the marriage. Advait vents his anger out on Ekam. Ekam sees Nehmat with anger. Advait doubts that Ekam and Nehmat still love each other. He grows Ekam jealous by acting lovey dovey with Nehmat. Ekam feels hurt. He recalls Nehmat’s promise. Ekam tells Advait that he doesn’t want any sweets from their side. He taunts that their happiness isn’t fresh and real. He asks Advait to mind it, people do change with changing time. Nehmat gets upset on hearing Ekam’s words about her.

Advait asks Ekam to stay in his limits, and not talk about his wife. Ekam tells that Advait and Nehmat have got much concern for each other in a day’s relation, he doesn’t know Nehmat, who likes to give pain to others. He reminds that she had a relation of years with him. Advait pushes him away. Ekam asks him to raise hand on the police officer and get jailed. Advait and Ekam have a fight. Nehmat asks them to just stop fighting. She tells that she knows Ekam is upset, but he can’t vent anger on her husband. She asks him not to make things personal. Advait gets glad seeing her do the perfect wife’s drama.


Nehmat asks Advait to come, they are getting late for the temple visit. Advait holds her close. Ekam gets tears in his eyes. Advait taunts back Ekam that the latter doesn’t know Nehmat well. Advait and Nehmat make a leave. On the other hand, Jasmin gets angry that Naaz’s picture didn’t come in the newspaper. She doesn’t want Naaz to spoil her life. Naaz asks Nikhil about their picture getting cropped. He tells that they aren’t public figure, the media attention will always be on Advait, who will take Shamsher’s place.

He adds that he isn’t interested in politics. He just wants to spend life with Naaz. She tells that she wants everything. Jasmin speaks to Shelly, who praises Nehmat’s beautiful look appearing in the picture. Jasmin yells at her for no working out the plan well. She tells that she tried to explain Naaz. She doesn’t know when will Nehmat lead their lives. Nikhil expects Advait to make payments for his honeymoon trip tickets. He tells Naaz that Advait had to make the payment, but maybe Advait forgot.

Nikhil further tells that he has spent all the money in shopping. She asks can’t he sign the cheque. Nikhil tells her that he doesn’t want to earn money, but just spend it on her, he doesn’t have the signing authority, Advait handles everything. Naaz gets worried. Advait suspects that Nehmat told Ekam about their temple visit. She asks him not to accuse him, she didn’t call Ekam there. She adds that she has broken all ties with Ekam. Advait hopes its true. He threatens her about Ekam. Naaz and Nikhil also get ready to leave for the temple. Nikhil finds Advait and Nehmat returning home. Nikhil asks Advait about the payment due. Advait hands over the card to him. Nikhil tells Naaz that they will enjoy in Maldives from now.

Neeru finds Nehmat upset. Rama sends Nehmat to take rest. Neeru finds Nikhil and Naaz happy. She tells that something has happened between Advait and Nehmat. Rama and Neeru hate Nehmat, whose love story with Ekam is so famous. Nehmat sheds tears and finds herself in a big mess. She speaks to Rupy and Satti over call. Satti instructs her to give love to her in-laws and take care of their respect. Nehmat tells that she will not let anyone complain. Satti tells that they will talk when she comes for Pagphere. Rupy grows emotional on hearing Nehmat. She gets a new courage by talking to Satti.

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