Udaariyaan 20th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat bursts

Udaariyaan 20th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat bursts

Udaariyaan 20th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat bursts Shelly calls up Naaz to provoke her against Nikhil. She tells that Naaz and Nikhil’s picture didn’t come in the newspaper. She adds that Nikhil has no status in front of Advait. Jasmin makes Shelly convey her message. Shelly asks Naaz doesn’t she want to stay number one. She tells that Nehmat shouldn’t be ahead of her. Naaz grows angry. Jasmin is sure that Naaz will come to her after hearing all this, she will realize the truth. Naaz doesn’t want to come second. She tells that she has to come in everyone’s good books. Naaz goes to impress Rama by preparing the dinner. Nehmat tells Rama that she also knows cooking.

Neeru gives her a long list of items. She asks Nehmat to start making food and show her speed. Naaz asks Nehmat why did she say this, how will she make so many dishes. She suggests Nehmat to buy some dishes from the restaurant. Nehmat doesn’t want to cheat. She tells that she will do the cooking if she has committed. Mallika takes care of Ekam. She asks him to have the food, but he unintentionally throws the food away. Nehmat impresses the family by showing the variety of Indian dishes.


Neeru asks Nehmat to serve the food. Naaz tells that she will serve the food. Rama asks Naaz to sit, and let Nehmat serve. Nikhil feels bad for Nehmat, and tells Naaz that they will help Nehmat. Mallika finds Ekam’s hand wounded. She asks him about his wound. He tells that he was interrogating a drug peddler. She asks if he had met Nehmat. He replies with a yes. Shamsher tastes the food, and gives shagun to Nehmat and Naaz. He gives a necklace to Nehmat. Naaz expects the same necklace for her. She turns upset seeing her value. She thinks of doing something before everyone leaves the dining table.

She asks Nehmat to serve the food to everyone. Advait stays upset when Naaz mentions Ekam’s name. Naaz spoils their mood by speaking of Nehmat and Ekam’s relationship. Advait leaves the food. He tells Rama that he doesn’t want to have the food. Ekam tells Mallika that Nehmat was treating him like a stranger. He regrets that he has lost everything. Mallika also misses Advait. She sheds tears. She feels more pain for Ekam. She does the aid to his hand. Neeru insults Nehmat for romancing Ekam. Ekam tells Mallika that he would have not refused to Nehmat if she came to say her feelings for Advait, but she chose to cheat. He doesn’t want to remember Nehmat.

Ekam isn’t able to forget that Nehmat lied to him. He tells that Nehmat doesn’t deserve his love and attention. He asks Mallika not to cry for those who don’t care for their tears, they will make them cry. He consoles Mallika. On the other hand, Nehmat takes the food for Advait. She asks him not to act angry in front of the family, when he wants them to appear as a happy couple. He asks her to stay away from him, because his dad is going away from him because of her. He worries that his terms with Shamsher are spoiling. Naaz waits for Shelly at some place. Jasmin reaches there to meet Naaz.

Naaz asks her why is she always eager to meet. Jasmin taunts her on marrying Nikhil. She tells that she wants her daughter to stay rich, Nikhil can never become a prince, he is a frog, Naaz will never become a princess. She makes Naaz realize her low value in the Kapoor mansion. She tells that she keeps track on Naaz’s life. She adds that she can do anything for Naaz, she has seen many dreams for Naaz and won’t go until she fulfills the dreams. She adds that she wanted Naaz to marry Advait, not Nikhil. She tells that Nehmat has got Advait in her fate. Naaz tells that she loves Nikhil a lot. Jasmin tells that she will make Nikhil get Advait’s place now.

Naaz asks her what will she do now. Jasmin tells that when Advait stumbles and falls, Naaz should make Nikhil take Advait’s place. She asks Naaz to just do as directed. Nehmat gets ready and wears the earrings. She recalls a past moment with Nehmat, when he mortgaged his expensive watch to buy her favorite earrings. Advait finds Nehmat crying and asks her to be real in the room, when nobody is around. He tells that the pagphere drama is still left, he has to meet her dual faced family also. Nehmat tells that she respects him and doesn’t want to hear anything against her family. He tells that he is Advait, not Ekam. She tells that it was her decision to marry him. He calls her family selfish and greedy to see their profits. She doesn’t want to tolerate any nonsense from him. She angrily asks him to keep her family away from his hatred.

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