Udaariyaan 22nd December 2022 Written Update Jasmin shocks Nehmat

Udaariyaan 22nd December 2022 Written Update Jasmin shocks Nehmat

Udaariyaan 22nd December 2022 Written Update Jasmin shocks Nehmat Ekam picks a dangerous assignment. He isn’t scared of dying. He promises his senior that he will complete the mission. The staff scares him of the risk. Ekam tells that he isn’t doing this for the sake of medal, he has no expectations, he is doing his duty for protecting the people. Nehmat gets pampered by Satti and Rupy. Shelly pampers Naaz. She asks Naaz not to worry, Jasmin can do anything to bring good fortune for her daughter. Jasmin reveals Jasmin and Tejo’s story to Shamsher and Advait. Jasmin tells Shamsher that Jasmin lied to the family and left a daughter for Tejo, but Nehmat isn’t Sandhu or Virk blood.

Shamsher grows curious to know Nehmat’s root. Nehmat tells that her existence is only because of her grandparents. She loves them a lot. Naaz tells Shelly that they shall talk later. Shamsher asks Jasmin about Nehmat’s parents. Jasmin reveals that Nehmat is an illegitimate daughter of a criminal, her dad is still in jail, Tejo and Fateh raised Nehmat and gave her values, but still Nehmat isn’t their blood. She tells that Naaz is Jasmin’s daughter, Jasmin left her with Sandhus for a good upbringing. Advait asks her how does she know all this. He doesn’t believe it.


She reveals that she is Jasmin Sandhu. Shamsher and Advait are shocked to know that Naaz is her daughter. She tells that she left her daughter and went to Canada, she remembers leaving a stolen child with Tejo. She adds that she has done a favor on Nehmat, she gave a good life to Nehmat, who got rid of the criminal’s tag. Nehmat overhears her. She asks Jasmin what is she saying. Advait asks Nehmat does she know her. Nehmat tells that she knows Jasmin.

Jasmin asks Nehmat what is she doing here. Nehmat asks Shamsher and Advait not to believe Jasmin, who is Naaz and her biological mother. She rebukes Jasmin for her worse nature of abandoning her daughters. She asks Jasmin why did she come back at this time. She tells that its good if Jasmin doesn’t regard her a daughter, but she can’t tag her as a criminal’s daughter. She asks Jasmin why did she leave Naaz. She tells that nobody remembers Jasmin in the family. She asks Jasmin why did she come back to ruin her life. She praises Tejo and Fateh, who had trusted her and loved her a lot.

She is strong enough to save herself from Jasmin’s cheat. Jasmin asks her is she angry. She suggests Nehmat to accept the truth. Nehmat asks them to not come in Jasmin’s words, its Jasmin’s hobby to ruin someone’s life, Jasmin tried many times to ruin Fateh and Tejo’s life. Shamsher knows Jasmin is evil, because she got Fateh, Tejo and Virks killed. Nehmat asks Jasmin to get out. Jasmin tells that she will leave if Nehmat wants. Advait asks Nehmat to shut up. He stops Jasmin. He asks her why is she doing all this, why is she saying such stories. Jasmin says it’s a dark secret.

He asks how would they believe her. She asks him to decide as he wills. She tells that she isn’t Nehmat’s mother, she has just one daughter that’s Naaz. Nehmat asks Jasmin the proof. Jasmin tells that they can go for a DNA test and find out the truth. Nehmat asks Jasmin to come with her for the test. Jasmin counts her favors on Nehmat. She asks Nehmat which hospital would she like to go. She tells that Advait shouldn‘t have any problem. Shamsher doesn’t want to lose respect. Nehmat asks Advait to not listen to Jasmin. He stops her from going for any test. Shamsher tells that they will get insulted if they get a DNA test done. Jasmin tells that Rupy is the proof, he knows many secrets.

Shamsher asks if Rupy knew everything and cheated them. Nehmat tells that Rupy can’t do this. Jasmin asks Nehmat to call Rupy before the suspense kills them. Jasmin shocks Rupy by calling him. He lies to the family, and goes aside wondering why did Jasmin call him. Rupy takes the call and rebukes her, asking the motive behind the call. Jasmin asks him about Nehmat. Rupy asks what does she want to know about Nehmat. Jasmin asks did he forget the letter which she gave to him.

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