Udaariyaan 26th December 2022 Written Update Ekam finds Nehmat

Udaariyaan 26th December 2022 Written Update Ekam finds Nehmat

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Udaariyaan 26th December 2022 Written Update Ekam finds Nehmat Ekam rushes to find Nehmat, by avoiding Mallika’s attempts. Advait reaches Ekam’s house to find Nehmat. He faces Mallika. He recalls his engagement with Mallika. She gets a chance to confront him. She tells him that Ekam and she have no relationship with Nehmat now. She asks him to leave. He realizes that Nehmat didn’t come to Ekam. He worries for Nehmat’s life. Nikhil tells Rupy that they will go to different places to find Nehmat. Shelly doesn’t care seeing the family in tension. She informs Naaz about Nehmat. Naaz can’t believe about Nehmat’s birth truth. She tells that Nehmat got everything which she didn’t get ever, but now she is happy that her fate is better than Nehmat’s. She feels sorry for Nehmat. Shelly asks her not to feel bad.

Naaz tells that she didn’t know Jasmin is so power-packed, she has ruined Advait’s political career. She gets happy. Rupy worries when he fails to find Nehmat. Shamsher asks Nikhil not to show Nehmat’s picture to anyone, else the family will lose name. Ekam, Advait and the family members get searching for Nehmat desperately. Nehmat goes missing for a long time. She isn’t able to tolerate the truth of her parents. Naaz tells her in-laws that she is worried for Nehmat. She pretends concerned. The family doesn’t find Nehmat. Ekam remembers Nehmat. He senses that she is in danger. He wants to find out if she is okay and if things are fine.

Rupy contacts him to talk about Nehmat. Ekam asks him if Nehmat is fine. Rupy tells that Nehmat went somewhere. Advait reaches home. Ekam finds Advait coming home alone. Rupy tells Ekam about Nehmat’s birth truth. He reveals that Jasmin has disclosed this truth to Nehmat, and shattered her. Ekam is also disturbed knowing Nehmat attempted to run away from the truth. Ekam rushes to find Nehmat. He gets to know about a girl’s accidental death. He finds a body on the road. He gets scared to check if it is Nehmat.

Shamsher rebukes Rupy and his family for encouraging Nehmat to leave the house. Rupy wants Ekam to find Nehmat. He prays that Nehmat stays safe. Ekam is relieved that the girl isn’t Nehmat. He wishes she is okay, wherever she is. Advait asks Shamsher not to shout on him. Shamsher tells that if Nehmat commits suicide, then Advait will get blamed. Advait grows worried. Ekam searches for Nehmat till the morning hours. He finally finds her. He is relieved to see her safe and sound. Nehmat sits weeping. Ekam plays Tejo and Fateh’s video on his phone to console Nehmat. She asks them why did they go away leaving her. Nehmat finds Ekam there. She hugs him and vents out her pain. Ekam holds himself and doesn’t melt his heart for her.

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