Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2022 Written Update Bride swap

Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2022 Written Update Bride swap

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2022 Written Update Bride swap Sahana asks Prachi what is she saying. Prachi asks Sahana to sit in her place. Rhea shouts that Prachi isn’t in the mandap, there is someone else sitting with the veil over the face. Aaliya asks Rhea why is she just saying it, she can better check it by removing the veil. Sahana grows worried. Aaliya asks Rhea to show everyone that its not Prachi, but someone else. Ranbir comes back home after saving Mihika from the goons. He tells that he will not let Rhea and Aaliya go free. He promises to punish the wrongdoers.

Earlier in the show, Sahana tells that they will run away. Prachi doesn’t want Mihika to get into trouble. She tells her plan. Dida asks Pallavi to understand. Pallavi tells that they just want everything to get right. Dida tells that this is affecting Ranbir.

Pallavi wants to keep Ranbir and Prachi away for their betterment. She tells that she has no bitterness in heart for anyone. Dida tells that she knows her Pallavi well. She suggests that Prachi and Sid shouldn’t get married. Rhea grows upset hearing Dida. She calls Aaliya to know where she is. Aaliya asks her about the marriage. Rhea tells that she doesn’t want incomplete things, she had enough already. She claims that they must fight for their eternal happiness. She tells that she wants to plan something huge. Prachi explains what she means to Sahana. Prachi claims that they will simply pretend to marry. Aaliya tells that the person who attacks first wins.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2022 Written Update Bride swap:

Prachi says that she won’t sit in the mandap. She asks Sahana to sit in the mandap in her place. Sahana doesn’t want to become the bride. Aryan overhears them. He tells that Sahana won’t sit in the mandap with Sid. He adds that nothing will happen to Mihika. Prachi inquires as to how he knows this. Aryan lies, claiming to have heard it from her. Prachi asks Sahana to just sit in the mandap, until she comes back. She tells that if Sahana gets married to Sid, then she should know that Sid is a nice guy. Aryan asks Sahana does she like Sid, how can she marry Sid. Sid asks Sahana to sit in the mandap, because Prachi can’t sit. Sahana asks Sid if he wants to marry her.

Sid tells that it’s the last option, the marriage won’t happen. Aryan asks what if the marriage happens. He agrees to sit wearing the bride’s clothes. Sahana says that she will sit in the marriage mandap, and just in case the marriage happens for real, she will divorce Sid; their first priority is to save Mihika. Aryan becomes powerless to stop the madness. He tells them that he has sent a rescue team to save Mihika. Prachi and Sid are glad. Sid takes Aryan with him.

Prachi hugs Sahana. Sid and Sahana sit in the marriage mandap. Aryan worriedly asks pandit to chant the mantras together. He tells Pallavi that everything is okay. Aryan tells that pandit should explain the marriage vows to the bride and groom first. Prachi watches them from afar. Sid asks the pandit to explain the meaning of each vow. Pallavi and Vikram agree. Pandit tells Aryan has no sense, the mantras aren’t in English. Sahana is glad that Aryan is buying time. When the wedding rituals begin, Aryan becomes concerned. Rhea sees Sahana’s hand and suspects her.

Ranbir reaches the hotel. He searches for the room. He tracks Aaliya. He goes to see if Mihika is also there. He breaks the door and gets inside. The goons attack him. Ranbir fights them. He finds Mihika captive. Ranbir gets badly caught up. Mihika assists Ranbir in the fight. Ranbir locks the goons inside the washroom. Ranbir rescues Mihika. He takes her with him, but leaves his phone there. Rhea tells that the bride doesn’t look like Prachi. Prachi finds Rhea suspecting the bride. She gets scared. Aryan is worried that Sahana will get married to Sid. Rhea shouts and stops the marriage. Ranbir rushes Mihika to the hospital. 

He gets immediate medical aid for Mihika. He tells the doctor about someone torturing Mihika. Doctor asks him to inform the police. He claims Mihika will be fine soon.He inquires about their relationship. Ranbir tells that Mihika is his sister. He laments the fact that Mihika never received family love, but she paid a high price for their relationships. Rhea tells that Prachi isn’t in the bride’s place. Pallavi inquires as to what she is saying. Rhea tells that she is sure of it, Prachi isn’t marrying Sid. Aaliya arrives and asks pandit if the marriage has stopped again. She tells that the marriage should happen, Rhea had the DNA test done. 

Aryan inquires as to her whereabouts up to this point.She asks him not to talk to elders like that. He tells that he is talking to his mom, who doesn’t care for him. He asks her if she doesn’t love him. He knows Aaliya loves Rhea and can do anything for her sake. Aaliya asks what is he saying. He tells that the time has come to reveal the truth. He wants to inform them about Mihika. He asks her if they can see Prachi and Sid’s pain. He tells that Rhea is playing a game with them. Rhea reacts and scolds Aryan for blaming her. She tells that Prachi is playing a game with them. He tells that he can also expose her truth. 

She tells that she didn’t do anything wrong, she is just talking about the marriage. She adds that Sid is marrying someone else, not Prachi, when he should marry his coming baby’s mother, Prachi. She apologises for causing this uproar. She tells that they shall tolerate the drama for some time. She blames Prachi for always wanting everything. Sid tells that Prachi is marrying him, what else can they do. Rhea tells that she is very sure, Prachi isn’t in the mandap. She asks Sid to become a one-woman man. Sid tells that he was a one-woman man before, but she didn’t respect his love. Aaliya asks Rhea to just lift the ghunghat and show the bride’s face. Rhea goes and unveils the bride’s face. 

The family is stunned to see Prachi. Sid and Aryan get relieved. Rhea fails in proving it. Prachi asks Rhea why she’s so quiet now. Rhea asks Prachi when did she come back. Prachi lies that she was sitting in front of everyone. Prachi and Sahana recall the way they swapped places. She asks Rhea what she got out of planning this drama. Rhea says that she has seen the bride’s hand, that was Sahana in Prachi’s place. Prachi asks her to stop fooling her. She lectures Rhea. Pallavi asks Prachi to sit back and complete the marriage rituals. Prachi asks Sid to find out about Mihika. Sid calls Ranbir. Ranbir arrives home. Ranbir tells Sid that Mihika is safe, the culprits  won’t get saved now. Sid wants to rush outside and meet Ranbir, but thinks that nobody should know it.

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