Bhagya Lakshmi 28th December 2022 Written Update Balwinder's makeover

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th December 2022 Written Update Balwinder’s makeover

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Bhagya Lakshmi 28th December 2022 Written Update Balwinder’s makeover Karishma tells Rishi that they have prepared all of his favourite dishes today. Rishi misses Lakshmi and asks if the dishes won’t have Lakshmi’s special touch. He imagines Lakshmi serving him the food. Rishi gets a smile on his face when he sees Lakshmi. Ayush asks Rishi what is he doing. Rishi sees the servant there. Ayush knows Rishi is missing Lakshmi. He feels sorry for Rishi. Shalu asks Lakshmi about the divorce decision. She tells that Lakshmi was happy with Rishi, and the next day, they decided to get divorced. She asks Lakshmi what happened that night. She then inquires as to what influenced their decision.

Lakshmi doesn’t tell her about Rishi’s cheating. Neelam isn’t happy to see Rishi remember Lakshmi. Balwinder is happy that Rishi is out of Lakshmi’s life now, and she is single. He tells that he is ready to mingle with Lakshmi. Rishi wonders what will happen to him without Lakshmi. Both Rishi and Lakshmi miss each other and shed tears. Balwinder dresses up like Rishi and comes to meet Lakshmi. He hugs her from behind. She assumes that he is Rishi. Balwinder smirks and reveals his new makeover, asking Lakshmi if he succeeded to win her heart. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Malishka meets Balwinder. She informs him that she has some good news for him. He asks her to say it. She tells him that Rishi and Lakshmi got divorced, she left the house and went to stay with Rano. He gets overjoyed. He thanks her for bringing such good news. She tells that the real good news is, he will have to marry Lakshmi as soon as possible, so that Rishi and Lakshmi don’t get back together. Balwinder tells that he will party all night and celebrate, he will do his work. He promises that he will get Lakshmi and Malishka will get Rishi. Sonal asks Kiran to talk to Neelam about Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. She suggests Kiran to fix the marriage. Balwinder is happy that he will soon get Lakshmi. He drinks to celebrate. Shalu and Bani serve the food to Lakshmi. Rano reprimands them for pampering Lakshmi, who didn’t get any money to support the family.

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th December 2022 Written Update Balwinder’s makeover:

Rano informs Lakshmi that she sought alimony from the Oberois but received nothing. She asks them to beg and earn a living. Shalu tells that she will do a job. Rano scolds Lakshmi. Lakshmi understands that Rano is troubled by her arrival. Neelam tells that she has to give medicine to Dadi. Devika gets the food. She tells that Dadi already had the food. Rishi and Ayush join the family for dinner. Karishma tells Rishi that everything is his choice. Rishi misses Lakshmi a lot. Neelam tells them not to miss Lakshmi; it’s all his favourite dishes, and he should eat them the way he used to.

He tells that he got used to Lakshmi and her handmade dishes. Ayush asks him to find a solution for the problem. Rishi imagines Lakshmi and smiles. The family is puzzled to see him smiling. Ayush thinks this is true love for Rishi to see Lakshmi everywhere. He asks Rishi to have food. Rishi refuses. Shalu and Bani try to ask Lakshmi about the reason for the divorce. They want to seek Ayush’s help and know the truth. Lakshmi asks them not to ask anything. She distracts them. Shalu wants to know what happened that night. She thinks of talking to Ayush. Rishi lies to sleep and misses Lakshmi.

He imagines her. Lakshmi is also sleeping and misses Rishi. She feels he has changed everything. He doesn’t  want to cry. He feels loneliness and emptiness inside. She feels the same at her place. They both find it hard to live without each other. Malishka wakes up Rishi the next morning by approaching him. Karishma finds them together and is relieved that Rishi is with his first love. She asks Malishka not to give any explanation. Malishka claims to have Rishi with her already. She wants Rishi. Meanwhile, Balwinder gets ready to meet Lakshmi and propose marriage.

Balwinder feels romantic and imagines his meeting with Lakshmi. He gets decked up and praises his looks himself. He tells that he will go to meet Lakshmi very soon and surprise her. Malishka is glad that her luck is on her side. She wants Karishma to support her. Rishi apologizes to Malishka. He doesn’t know what Karishma would be thinking about them. She tells that he is right, the family would think wrong about her. She adds that she is confused about his feelings. She tells that she is worried for him, she knows he is upset over the divorce. She asks him to keep personal and professional lives apart, he should also move on and not get upset because of Lakshmi. She asks him to get ready, because they are going to a meeting.

Balwinder comes to Lakshmi’s house. She believes Rishi has come to bother her. She avoids him. She thinks he left without meeting her. Dadi misses Lakshmi. She tells Neelam that Lakshmi has explained the medicines to Devika. Neelam tells that she will make things better than before. Dadi knows that nobody can handle the house as well as Lakshmi used to, the house really needs Lakshmi. She weeps. Balwinder hugs Lakshmi. She finds the touch strange and becomes alert. She turns and sees Balwinder. He tells that he has bought good clothes from the mall and changed his outfit totally. He asks her how he is looking and whether he looks like her hero now. She turns angry.

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