Pandya Store 28th December 2022 Upcoming Dhara's super plan

Pandya Store 28th December 2022 Upcoming Dhara’s super plan

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Pandya Store 28th December 2022 Upcoming Dhara’s super plan Gautam, Shiva, Dev and Krish try to find work and earn money so that they can buy back their store. They don’t get any job. Krish also holds hope that they will find some work. They find some goons at their store. They catch the drunk men and beat them up. Shweta hinders the drama. She asks them why are they fighting with her customers. Dev and Shiva argue with Shweta. Shweta tells that she has changed the Pandya store products completely. On the other hand, Raavi meets Arnav to seek the same job.

Arnav offers her the job at a double salary. He convinces her. Raavi thanks him. She gets to see her picture on Arnav’s desktop. She turns angry realizing that Arnav likes her, Shiva was right about him. She tells that Shiva was right, Arnav loves her. Later, Dhara devises a plan to get the store back from Shweta. She gets excited and shares the plan with her family on the breakfast table. She tells them that they will spread the news that they are selling the store.

She adds that they will trick Shweta and play the same game on them, they will keep the legal papers of regaining the store instead the house sale deed, they will make Shweta sign the papers. Rishita fears that Dhara will land them in a bigger problem. She tells that she doesn’t trust Dhara, she won’t support her in this plan. She threatens Dhara of leaving the house if the former takes any decision alone, by going against the family. She tells that Dhara will be left all alone owing to her wrong decisions.

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