Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2022 Written Update Rhea suicide

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2022 Written Update Rhea suicide

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2022 Written Update Rhea’s suicide Ranbir and Prachi expose Rhea and Aaliya’s truth in front of the family. It’s a new beginning for Ranbir and Prachi. Rhea hugs Ranbir and tells that she loves him a lot. She asks Prachi to leave, she has to talk to Ranbir privately. Ranbir asks Rhea to leave his house, else he will make sure that he throws her out. He packs Rhea’s bags and asks her to get out. Rhea threatens of committing suicide just to protect herself from the family’s anger. Rhea waits in her room and wants someone to come and save her. Rhea is worried. She is trying her level best to convince Ranbir and Prachi. She cries that her life is ruined, when she doesn’t have her loving husband with her, then she doesn’t want to live her life. Prachi and Ranbir worry for Rhea and rush to stop her. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Sid and Mihika flee from the hospital. He asks her to be strong, they have to expose Aaliya and Rhea, who have tortured them a lot. He asks her not to worry. He promises that nobody will hurt her. She sees the goons following. She tells Sid about the goons. Sid worries that the same goons got after them again. Rhea shouts on Ranbir. She denies to accept the marriage. She tells that the marriage didn’t happen, she won’t accept the cheat.

Aaliya asks where did Ranbir hide Sid. Ranbir asks Prachi is she happy now, they got married in the family’s presence. Prachi tells that she is really happy. Pallavi turns upset with Ranbir’s shocking move. She rebukes him for his wrong actions. She asks him why did he play this drama when he didn’t want Prachi and Sid to marry. She wants to know who all knew about Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage. Dida, Aryan and Sahana raise hands. Pallavi is disappointed.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2022 Written Update Rhea suicide:

Pallavi is disappointed knowing Dida, Aryan and Sahana knew about Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage. Dida tells that she got to know this during the marriage rituals. Rhea tells that it doesn’t matter, the marriage has happened, but she doesn’t accept it, it’s a big lie. She tears Prachi’s garlands. Ranbir asks her to break the garlands and also the mandap, vent out her anger, but she can’t break their relationship, she can’t break the rituals that took place, she can’t break the love that connects Prachi and him. He asks her to just end her relations with them.

He doesn’t know how Prachi has tolerated everything till now. He tells that Prachi gave him pain and also peace, she taught him living, she loves him and he loves her. He tells that he just wants to be with Prachi and talk to her. He values her much. He tells that he loves Prachi and can’t live without her, he was breathing without her, but he wasn’t alive. Aaliya calls it enough. He asks her why did he keep quiet when the marriage was happening. Ranbir tells that he was quiet because he didn’t know before about Mihika’s kidnapping.

He tells that he got to know about Rhea and Aaliya kidnapping Mihika and forcing Sid and Prachi to marry. Aaliya gets speechless. Sid and Mihika get caught by the goons. The goons try to kidnap Mihika once again. Sid takes the hockey stick and beats them up. Sid fights the goons bravely. Sid asks Mihika to sit in the car. Sid and Mihika leave in the car, by taking the bike keys to hinder the goons from following them. The goons miss them. They don’t even have their phones to inform Aaliya.

Ranbir asks Aaliya to answer him now. He tells that Aaliya and Rhea are the reason for everything. Aaliya tells that she has no justification for his nonsense. She asks him to keep her away from his imaginary world. Rhea tells that she won’t kidnap Mihika, she has no motive to do so. She asks Pallavi to say something in defence. Aryan doesn’t listen to Aaliya and goes away. Aaliya tells that Sid and Mihika are just like Aryan, she didn’t kidnap Mihika. Sahana asks her not to fool everyone.

Aaliya tells that Sahana should keep quiet during the family discussions. Sahana tells that she won’t keep quiet. She calls Aaliya wrong. Aaliya asks Pallavi will she stay quiet even now. Sahana asks her how can she stay in Rhea’s Sasural for so long. Aaliya goes to raise hand on Sahana. Prachi stops her and lectures her. She tells that she has no right to slap anyone for telling the truth. She calls Sahana her sister, who saves her from the world. She praises Sahana, who is her sister. She tells that when they make relations, then they should be proud of it. She is proud of Sahana.

She tells that she doesn’t want Aaliya’s love, Aaliya should stay with Rhea and let her stay with Sahana. She holds Sahana’s hand. Aaliya asks her what drama is going on. Ranbir asks her to give an answer. She tells that she has no answer for his nonsense. Pallavi asks Aaliya is Ranbir saying the truth. Aaliya tells that it’s a lie. Prachi tells that Sahana, Sid and she know the truth, they have seen the truth themselves, they have seen Aaliya kidnapping Mihika. She tells that three people can’t be wrong together. Aaliya stammers and calls it a lie.

Vikram asks her why is she feeling nervous when Prachi is lying. Dida asks Aaliya to say the truth, is Ranbir saying the truth. Pallavi tells that if Ranbir is saying the truth, then she won’t support Aaliya. Aaliya calls it a lie. Dida tells that even she has seen Aaliya at the hotel. Aaliya denies it. Aryan tells that even he has seen Aaliya there. She asks him to shut up and not believe anyone’s stories. He tells that he has grown up, he knows to prove the truth, he will show her real face today, because he is ashamed of her. She asks him will he go against his mum.

She tells that she didn’t become a good mum, she is just a good Bua for Rhea. He signals Ranbir. Ranbir calls the goons there. He tells the family that the goons kidnapped Mihika. The goon tells that he kidnapped Mihika on Aaliya’s command, Aaliya had paid them money for the kidnapping. Ranbir proves Aaliya’s crime. Rhea grows worried. Sahana asks Rhea does she know the goon. Pallavi asks Aaliya to answer them, is this true. She still refuses. Ranbir asks the family to decide who is true. Pallavi and Vikram want to believe Ranbir.

Ranbir tells that he will tell them everything, Rhea and Aaliya kidnapped Mihika, and then threatened Sid, they made Sid claim Prachi’s baby and then agree to marry her. Ranbir tells that they planned this to send Prachi away from him. He adds that Prachi had given up because Pallavi and he forced her to marry Sid. He regrets that he didn’t believe Prachi. He tells that Sid had convinced Prachi for marriage just to save Mihika’s life, Prachi dropped her weapons and decided to sacrifice everything.

He feels proud of Prachi. Rhea asks them do they really believe Aaliya. She asks Sahana to show the evidence. She tells that even she got kidnapped, she was the victim. The goon tells that they didn’t kidnap Rhea, but kept her to take money from Aaliya. Aaliya threatens the goon and wants him to lie. The goon asks them to check his phone, it had Aaliya’s call details. Aaliya panics.

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