Kundali Bhagya 29th December 2022 Written Update Rishabh's reply

Kundali Bhagya 29th December 2022 Written Update Rishabh’s reply

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Kundali Bhagya 29th December 2022 Written Update Rishabh’s reply Anjali asks Rishabh to help her in finding information about Arjun. Rishabh is ready to help her. He tells her that he has learnt one thing in life, whatever happens, a person shouldn’t forget his humanity. He tells her that if she has done something wrong with him, then he won’t punish her the entire life for that one thing. He tells that its such a time now, they have to get together and think of saving their family from the terrorists. He wonders what the terrorists might have done with the family members. He grows worried for Preeta and family. Anjali is much concerned for Arjun, whom she dearly loves. Rishabh and Anjali team up to rescue their loved ones. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishabh hugs Bani to console her. He tells her that he will soon bring the family back. Kritika tells that she was scared for Bani’s life. She is glad that Rishabh and Sameer came back. Mahesh knows Bani loves and trusts Rishabh a lot. Bani tells that she trusts Rishabh that he will get the family safely home. Rishabh stays with the family as their strength. He finds Anjali at the door. He asks her why did she come. She doesn’t know if he is upset with her. She is tensed. She apologizes to him. She seeks his help. He asks what help does she want. He wants to forget the past. He tells that he is ready to help her. He requests her to forget the past and live in the present. She tells that she doesn’t know any authority. She wants to know if Arjun is safe in the plane or not.

Rishabh tells that they will go to commissioner office and know the status. He is sure to find a way. He asks Anjali to come with him. He asks her is she surprised that he agreed to help. He tells that he doesn’t forget his humanity ever, if she did anything wrong with him, then he can’t punish her the entire life, he will forget it and move on. He is worried for the family. He calms his mind. He asks her to just come. Anjali is puzzled seeing Rishabh’s clean heart. The passengers get troubled by the snakes. They don’t know what to do. The snake reaches Rakhi. The family worries for Rakhi.

Karan rushes to protect his mom. He makes the snake away. He asks Rakhi what is she doing, she should try to save herself instead giving up. Preeta asks Rakhi is she okay. Rakhi tells that she is okay. The tarot reader shocks them by revealing the death card. Everyone worries. Rishabh and Anjali reach the commissioner’s office. They meet the commissioner. Rishabh tells that he is sure that the police is doing their work well, but he wants an assurance.

Commissioner tells that they will try their level best. He asks Rishabh to just keep hopes. Anjali asks Rishabh to ask for a guarantee. Rishabh tells that commissioner isn’t from their family to listen to them. Anjali wants Arjun’s safety. He tells that even his family is on that flight. He wants to find a solution. The pilot goes to check the wires. He gets bitten by the snake. Ashok warns everyone about the dangerous snakes. The hijacker threatens them. Preeta tells that they can’t just worry, they have to help each other and do something. Karan tells that Preeta has said the right thing.

Rakhi praises Preeta for being so wise. Kareena asks Shrishti not to do comedy in the serious situation. Preeta tells them that they don’t know how to handle the snakes, but Ashok can handle it. Ashok tells them that he can’t handle the snakes either. Karan tells that the airport authorities can save them. He gets the satellite phone. Ashok tells that the snakes will bite everyone when they get totally awake. The people scream in fear. Ashok tries to control the snakes. Karan loses the phone. A snake bites Ashok. The snakes reach the pilot’s cabin. The hijacker shoots at the snake.

Shrishti asks them to find the whistle to control the snakes. Preeta tells that she will find it. Karan asks her does she think she is a superwoman. Preeta and Karan argue. Shrishti runs to find the whistle. Karan is stopping Preeta to save her. He tells that he will take Shrishti’s responsibility also. Karan asks Shrishti to come back. They all try to find a way out. Shrishti tells that they should make a wall and stop the snakes. Rakhi tells that they can’t build a wall.

Shrishti tells that they can use the bags and luggage to stop the snakes. Rishabh tells Anjali that he is driving to the airport, he has a friend there, who can help them. Anjali asks him if he loved Preeta before he got married to her. He tells that everyone who met Preeta once used to love her, she is such amazing personality. He doesn’t answer her anything more. The people try to stop the snakes. The snakes continue to spread the terror.

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