Rajjo 30th December 2022 Update Rocky stabs Kalindi

Rajjo 30th December 2022 Update Rocky stabs Kalindi

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Rajjo 30th December 2022 Update Rocky stabs Kalindi Madhu wants Rajjo and Arjun to spend quality time together. She aims to bring them closer so that they consummate their marriage. Madhu asks Rajjo to go on a honeymoon trip with Arjun. The family members pull Rajjo’s leg. Rajjo isn’t aware of the honeymoon. Madhu asks Rajjo to give some time to her husband. Rajjo doesn’t understand what is honeymoon. She asks Arjun about it. Arjun tells that just two people go on the honeymoon trip, only husband and wife. Rajjo asks the reason. He asks her to go and ask her mother about it.

Rajjo is clueless. She goes to Manorama and asks about honeymoon. Arjun imagines Rajjo’s shocked reaction on learning about the honeymoon. Manorama explains Rajjo about the couples uniting on their special honeymoon trip. Rajjo grows nervous to face Arjun. Later on, Rocky comes home to meet Kalindi, while Chirag is away with the family members. Rocky attempts to kill Kalindi, after a heated argument erupts between them. Chirag and Rajjo reach there at the same time. They catch Rocky. They find Kalindi stabbed.

The entire family arrives there. Rocky worries that he got exposed. Kalindi realizes that Rocky never deserved her love. Chirag panics for Kalindi. Rocky runs away. Chirag asks Rajjo to just run and catch Rocky, he shouldn’t get spared. They want to know the reason behind the attack. Madhu asks Chirag what’s the matter. Chirag doesn’t tell about Kalindi and Rocky’s affair. Chirag rushes Kalindi to the hospital. The family soon learns Kalindi and Rocky’s affair truth. How will the family react to this revelation? Will Kalindi get an acceptance in the house? Keep reading.

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