Kundali Bhagya 2nd January 2023 Written Update Preeran surprised

Kundali Bhagya 2nd January 2023 Written Update Preeran surprised

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Kundali Bhagya 2nd January 2023 Written Update Preeran surprised Preeta tries to find some way to save Karan and extract the poison from his body. She follows the instructions of the tribal woman. Shrishti asks Preeta what is she doing. Karan too restricts Preeta from doing his treatment. Preeta struggles to save his life. Karan asks Preeta to step back. The blood from his hand gets on Preeta’s hairline. Luthras look at their moment. Karan and Preeta have a moment similar to their sindoor moment. On the other hand, the tarot card reader tells Kavya that her dad is going to die today, and he is also on this flight. Kavya tells that her dad didn’t board the flight with her. The tarot card reader tells that Kavya’s dad is also on the same flight. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishabh, Sushant and Anjali reach the lady’s house. The lady tells that she is innocent, she isn’t smuggling the snakes. Sushant tells that he has come to take her help.

She asks him to leave. Rishabh and Anjali try to convince the lady. He explains that they didn’t come to harm her, but to seek her help. He tells that his entire family is stuck on the hijacked flight, the snakes have conquered the plane. He adds that Arjun saved his daughter’s life, he got bitten by a snake. He wants to save Arjun’s life. He begs her to help them. The lady agrees to help. She asks for the snake’s picture so that she can help them in treating the affected people. Sushant tells that he will connect to Preeta. Rakhi takes care of Arjun. Karan calls her mom and sheds tears. Preeta gets puzzled.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd January 2023 Written Update Preeran surprised:

Karan calls Rakhi as his mom. He apologizes to her for troubling him so much. Rakhi consoles him. Preeta tells that Arjun is seeing his mom in Rakhi. Rakhi tells that he didn’t trouble him, he is the best son in the world. Karan tells that she is lying, her favorite son is Rishabh. She tells that she loves Rishabh, but loves him more, because he is stubborn, naughty and spoilt. She sees Karan in him. She hugs him. She asks him to get well. She wants him to keep talking. Kareena wonders why is Rakhi regarding Arjun as Karan again. Shrishti feels hurt seeing Arjun in trouble.

Preeta tells that Arjun has saved Kavya’s life. Sushant connects to Preeta. Anjali asks about Arjun. Preeta tells that Arjun is okay. Rishabh asks Preeta about the snake which has bitten Arjun. Preeta tells that he didn’t see the snake. She asks Arjun about the snake. Arjun tells that it was green colour snake. Rishabh asks for the snake’s picture so that the tribal woman can help them with the treatment. Rishabh wishes Arjun gets saved. Rakhi tells that even she has seen a green snake. Preeta asks how would they know about the snake.

Preeta doesn’t identify the snake. Rakhi tells that she will go and find the snake. Karan tells that he will go himself. Rakhi asks him not to get adamant. Preeta and Shrishti are also ready to go. Shrishti tells that she will accompany Rakhi. Rakhi tells that she will go, Preeta doesn’t need to worry, a mother is the most powerful when its about children’s lives. She asks Arjun to understand her. She asks Preeta to take care of Arjun. Rakhi rushes. Rakhi and Shrishti don’t find any snake. Rakhi wants just one picture of the snake. Kareena asks Rakhi to be careful of the snake.

Rakhi tells that she is glad to see Kareena with them, which means Kareena is also worried for Arjun. Kareena admits that she worries for Arjun. Shrishti asks Kareena why is she acting like Rakhi. Rakhi tells that Arjun has saved Preeta and Kavya. She wants to call Arjun her son. Kareena tells that even she wishes to call him a son. She asks Shrishti why did she come, even she cares for Arjun. Shrishti knows Arjun isn’t bad at heart. She gets the green snake in her hand. She throws it away. She screams. She asks them to not move. Shrishti tells that she has clicked the snake’s picture. They rush back to Arjun.

They get blocked by the snakes coming. They manage to run. Preeta asks Arjun not to sleep, and talk to her. Shrishti and Preeta send the picture to the officials. Sushant shows the snake’s picture to the tribal woman. The woman tells about the dangerous snake bite. She adds that vinegar can help them in saving Arjun’s life. Rishabh asks Preeta did she hear it. The air hostess tells that vinegar is available. Kavya asks the tarot card reader why is she so tensed. The tarot card reader tells Kavya that her dad is going to die today. Kavya tells that her dad isn’t on the same flight.

The lady tells that her dad is also with her, he will be dying today. Kavya turns upset. Preeta gets ready to do the aid to Arjun. She asks him to stay conscious. She makes a cut on Arjun’s hand so that he realizes pain and stays conscious. She apologizes to Arjun. Karan asks her what did she do. He makes her away. The blood gets into her hairline. Preeta is shocked and remembers her Karan. Shrishti asks her to treat Arjun. Preeta sucks the poison out of Arjun’s hand. Karan gets touched by her caring gesture.

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