Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Update Farewell

Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Update Farewell

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Update Farewell Rhea angrily yells at Prachi. She shouts that the report and the doctor are part of Prachi’s plan, its all fake, Prachi has planned this to ruin her life. She shouts out that she is pregnant. Prachi acts in reply and removes Rhea’s fake baby bump. The family is in shock to know Rhea’s biggest lie of her pregnancy. Vikram and Pallavi realize their mistake of trusting the evil duo Aaliya and Rhea. Vikram tells that Aaliya can’t stay in their house. He asks Aaliya to leave.

Earlier in the show, Prachi tells that Aaliya might have done something. Aaliya remembers fooling the family and swapping the reports. She reminds Pallavi her words. She informs that Rhea’s pregnancy has been confirmed; she is indeed carrying Ranbir’s child. Rhea asks the family why are they behaving so badly with her. She tells that Prachi is still trying to snatch her happiness, Ranbir is also supporting Prachi this time. She asks Ranbir about her child. She claims that she, like Prachi, requires him.

She asks him to not forget about his child. She appeals to Pallavi for justice. Prachi asks Rhea to put a stop to her drama. Isn’t she ashamed of lying, she wonders? She tells that Rhea isn’t pregnant, she has manipulated the reports before, just like today. She scolds Rhea. Rhea swears on her baby and calls Prachi a liar. She tells that she will curse her baby if she is lying to them. Doctor arrives to make the revelation that she isn’t pregnant. Rhea is in shock over her big defeat.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Update Farewell:

The doctor makes a revelation that Rhea isn’t pregnant. He shows the real medical report, which states that Rhea isn’t pregnant, she isn’t carrying any child, she is clearly lying to the family. He tells that he doesn’t know about the fake report. Aaliya calls him a liar. She tells that Rhea is pregnant. She adds that they are reading the report which the family got from the hospital. The doctor claims that the report is incorrect. Aaliya asks him how can they believe him, he might have made a wrong report. He tells that a doctor doesn’t make a fake report for the sake of money. He asks them to check the real reports sent on mail. She asks him who is he, who called him to interfere in their family matter. Prachi tells that she has called the doctor home, because she knew Aaliya will do something wrong. She adds that she requested the doctor to come and say the truth to everyone, Rhea isn’t pregnant.

Aaliya rebukes Prachi and family for making fun of Rhea’s emotions every day. She asks them to kill Rhea at once. Ranbir asks her to let Prachi and Rhea sort their differences. He tells that she lost the right to say anything. Pallavi is asked to stop her son. Pallavi tells that she won’t stop Ranbir, he is absolutely right, Aaliya has lost her dignity and reputation. She asks Rhea to answer them. Rhea asks Pallavi to punish her. She tells that Prachi has bribed the doctor to lie in front of them.

He tells them that he has come to do his duty and that he has hospital footage to show them the truth. He shows the video of Rhea bribing him to hide her fake pregnancy secret. He exposes Rhea’s truth. He tells that he isn’t greedy for money. Rhea shouts that she is pregnant, the doctor and the reports are fake, Prachi isn’t pregnant. Prachi easily pulls the fake baby bump and proves Rhea a liar. The family is shocked to know Rhea’s huge lie. Prachi asks Rhea does he have to say anything now. Rhea tells that she won’t say a word in defence, because she will not live now. She wants to put the blame on Prachi. She runs away.

Ranbir stops Prachi from going to Rhea. Aaliya asks him how can he be so stone-hearted. Pallavi turns angry that Aaliya cheated her. Rhea stays ready in her room, waiting for the family members. She wants their attention. She tells that nobody got scared by her threatening. Rhea doesn’t want to take a big risk. She thinks of some easy way to die. She wants Ranbir to come and save her life. She hears some footsteps. She asks Ranbir to leave, she is shattered, because he doesn’t love her. She threatens to kill herself. Prachi reaches Rhea. She tells that she is Rhea’s family. She loves Rhea a lot.

She apologizes to Rhea. Rhea asks for Ranbir. Prachi asks her not to take any wrong decision. Sahana tells that Rhea is just acting. Rhea hurts herself and curses. She tells that this never happened with Prachi. She asks Prachi to not try to stop her. She tells that Ranbir doesn’t care for her. She gets crying. She tells that she can’t live without Ranbir. She shouts that she can’t live without her Ranbir, she will die when she doesn’t get love. Prachi rushes to call Ranbir. Sahana asks Rhea to end the drama. Rhea threatens Sahana. Aaliya asks Pallavi not to stare at her. She tells that she was helpless to take this step.

Pallavi tells that she did a lot for Rhea and accepted her as the Kohli Bahu. She adds that Aaliya has no excuses for such a disgusting thing. Vikram lectures Aaliya for not having any family with her, because she is selfish, unlike her brother Abhi. He also rebukes her for failing miserably in handling her business and family. He tells that she couldn’t become a good person, she has failed in her relations. She asks him to stop talking about her. Dida tells that Aaliya didn’t keep any relations. Pallavi and Vikram ask Aaliya to get out of the house. Aryan ends ties with Aaliya. He tells that he chose his dad instead his mom.

He asks Aaliya to not try to meet him again. He feels ashamed of her. Pallavi tells that Aryan is like Abhi. Aaliya tells that she won’t stay back with them. She makes a leave. Prachi reaches the family. She asks Ranbir to come quickly and save Rhea. He tells that she will regret doing this, Rhea is just faking it. She asks him to save Rhea for her sake. Prachi and Ranbir ask Rhea to stop her madness. Sahana tells that Rhea is just faking it. Prachi calls Rhea foolish. She asks Rhea to not harm her life. Prachi asks Ranbir to ask Rhea to stop.

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