Udaariyaan 3rd January 2023 Update Harleen loves Ekam

Udaariyaan 3rd January 2023 Update Harleen loves Ekam

Udaariyaan 3rd January 2023 Update Harleen loves Ekam Harleen tells that nobody can stop her from meeting her hero, Ekam. She goes to the ICU and sees Ekam. She barges inside with confidence. She gets smiling and shows affection. Nehmat wonders who is the girl meeting Ekam. Harleen kisses an unconscious Ekam. Nehmat gets curious to see Harleen. She also enters the ICU to check. Advait knows surely that Nehmat isn’t at home and she has gone to see Ekam. He reaches the hospital. He rushes to the ICU and finds Nehmat crying for Ekam. He restricts Nehmat from meeting Ekam. Nehmat misses to see Harleen’s face.

Jasmin makes it clear to Harleen that Nehmat should see her face and know the truth that Harleen is her daughter. Harleen is also married to Advait. Jasmin wants to use Harleen to control Advait and ruin his political career. Harleen has madly fallen in love with Ekam, to double the complications for Nehmat. How will Harleen’s entry bring a twist in Ekam and Nehmat’s lives? Will her connection with Advait come to the fore? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, There is a woman with Advait. Seeing the news. he grows angry when  Nehmat is commended by the media He becomes irate.   Nehmat commands Ekam to rise. Are you falling in love with Nehmat, the woman queries. Advait responds, “No, I simply despise her and want to control her. She would have gone there, and I despise that man. I will teach them a lesson.” He departs. Ekam is urged by Nehmat not to give up so quickly and to rise.

Nehmat misses to see Harleen’s face. Advait reaches the hospital and takes Nehmat away before the reporters spot her. She fails to see Harleen. She asks Advait to show some humanity for Ekam who has saved their lives from Sameer. Advait tells her that she isn’t having a feeling of humanity but of love for Ekam. He understands that she loves Ekam a lot. He tells Nehmat that he will not risk his image in front of the media and asks her to not malign his name, since she is his wife. He asks Nehmat to leave Ekam to die. He doesn’t care for Ekam. He hates Ekam, because she loves him. Nehmat gets helpless when Advait drags her away from Ekam. Harleen meets Ekam and wishes to meet him again very soon. Harleen goes away before Ekam’s family comes. Shamsher and his family grow angry when they realize Nehmat’s presence.

Advait informs his family about Nehmat rushing to meet Ekam. Shamsher and Advait reprimand Nehmat and teach her the limits. Nehmat weeps profusely. She goes to pray for Ekam’s life. Ekam gets sinking. Doctors ask the family to pray for Ekam’s life. The family wishes a miracle. Satti takes Nehmat’s dupatta to Ekam, knowing Nehmat and Ekam are connected by heart. Ekam responds due to Nehmat’s dupatta. Nehmat’s prayers reach him and saves his life.

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