Kundali Bhagya 6th January 2023 Written Update Karan family bond

Kundali Bhagya 6th January 2023 Written Update Karan family bond

Kundali Bhagya 6th January 2023 Written Update Karan family bond The nurse tells Arjun that when he fainted some time back, Preeta also fainted at the same instant. Karan asks Preeta is she not okay. Preeta tells him that she is absolutely okay. Sameer and Shrishti meet Arjun. Sameer tells Arjun that their relations turned bitter in the recent days, but it’s a promise that he will always stand by Arjun in the hour of need. Karan gets emotional to get his brother on his side. Anjali finds Arjun reciprocating to the family’s feelings. She doesn’t want Arjun to forget his revenge motives against Rishabh and Preeta. She gets unhappy seeing Arjun falling weak. Karan starts falling for Preeta once again, and realizes that his murder attempt was just a misconception, he has misunderstood Preeta and maybe Rishabh as well. Karan decides to find the truth behind his murder attempt.

Earlier in the show, Kareena asks the doctor about Preeta. He informs her that Preeta is no longer in danger and that she is welcome to meet with her. Kareena tells that Rakhi wants to meet Preeta first. She goes away. Doctor finds her behavior puzzling. Anjali meets Preeta. Preeta asks about Arjun. Anjali asks why is she asking about Arjun. She wants to know why is Preeta interested in Arjun. She questions her motives. Preeta tells that they will talk later. Anjali accuses Preeta for Arjun’s condition. She tells that Preeta tried to kill Arjun before also. She asks Preeta to stay away from Arjun. Anjali wants Rakhi to go to Arjun and calm him. She tells Rakhi that Preeta is okay, she can meet Arjun till Preeta feels better. Rakhi rushes to see Preeta. Anjali wonders why Luthras love Preeta so much.


Kundali Bhagya 6th January 2023 Written Update Karan family bond:

Rakhi asks Preeta to take rest, she will be okay soon. Preeta falls asleep. Rakhi goes to meet Arjun. She asks the doctor about Arjun. He tells that her prayers got answered, Arjun is okay now, it was not possible to save his life, but he recovered because of his family’s love and blessings. He permits her to meet Arjun. Rakhi gets emotional when she meets Arjun. Karan wakes up and finds Rakhi in front of his eyes. She apologizes for disturbing him. She tells that she got the Bappa’s blessings for him. He asks her is she okay. He wipes her tears. She thanks him for saving Preeta and Kavya.

She tells that just a family member risks life, she feels he is like her son. He asks her to please stop crying. He asks her is Preeta okay. Preeta wakes up and gets thinking about Arjun. Karan asks Rakhi why is she silent. Rakhi tells that she went to meet Preeta, but she stopped midway on hearing Arjun calling out mom. She tells him that she felt he is her son. Doctor meets Arjun and asks him to take an injection. Karan gets scared seeing the injection. He asks the doctor not to force him. He tells that he is okay, he doesn’t want any injection. He warns the doctor. Rakhi finds his behavior similar to Karan.

She remembers Karan’s words and smiles. Karan asks Rakhi to save him. Rakhi asks the doctor if she can hold Arjun. She asks Arjun to calm down. Karan tells that he is okay, he doesn’t want the injection. She tells that she is with him, he doesn’t need to worry. She hugs him. She gets to see the mole on Arjun’s arm. She gets positive that Arjun is her Karan. She gets the right hint at the right time. She realizes that her Karan has come back. She rushes out of the ward. Karan gets the injection without realizing it. He feels Rakhi is so loving, she always calms him down. Sameer and Shrishti meet Preeta. They enquire about Preeta’s health.

Preeta tells that she is feeling better now, she was affected by the poison and fainted, but doctors treated her well. Kavya calls her a super mumma. She asks if Arjun woke up. Preeta tells that she didn’t see Arjun since a long time. She wants to go and see Arjun once. Kareena finds Rakhi upset. She asks is she okay. Rakhi tries to find out the truth. She rushes home. Kareena wonders what happened to Rakhi. She is sure that its something major. Arjun asks the nurse to call Anjali, he wants to go home. He refuses to stay back. Nurse tells that he can go home in the morning. She tells that he can buy the entire hospital if he wants.

Preeta meets him and asks how many hospitals will he buy. She asks him is he okay. He tells that he is okay now. Nurse tells that even Preeta fainted some time back. Preeta tells that she is feeling good. Kavya runs to meet Arjun. Preeta hinders Kavya and lessens Arjun’s happiness. Rakhi doesn’t think two people can have the same birth mark. Karan seeks permission from Preeta to meet Kavya and hug her once. Preeta permits Kavya. Karan hugs Kavya with much love. He asks Preeta to take Kavya home.

Preeta takes Kavya with her. Sameer hugs Arjun. He thanks Arjun for saving the family. He promises that he will always be there with Arjun. Karan sheds tears of happiness. Anjali watches the brothers’ union. Rakhi runs inside the house. She doesn’t answer Bani and runs to her room. Kareena arrives and informs Bani that everything is okay now. She wants to know why is Rakhi behaving strange. Rakhi enters the storeroom. Rakhi checks Karan’s stuff. Kareena follows Rakhi to the storeroom. She doesn’t know where did the old photo album go. Rakhi takes the photo album with her.

Kareena tells Mahesh that she is looking for Rakhi. He tells that Bani told the same thing to him. Kareena tells that Rakhi took the photo album. Mahesh tells that Rakhi would have gone to Karan’s room. Rakhi checks the old pictures. She gets Karan’s childhood picture and sees the mole on his arm. She happily cries. She tells that the identification mark is exactly the same. She joyfully tells that her Karan is back.

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