Kundali Bhagya 9th January 2023 Written Update Rakhi’s revelation

Kundali Bhagya 9th January 2023 Written Update Rakhi's revelation

Kundali Bhagya 9th January 2023 Written Update Rakhi’s revelation Anjali wants to keep the revenge motives intact. She gets into an argument with Preeta to provoke her. She tells that the flight got hijacked and then the snake attack happened, so these incidents have delayed Arjun’s plan of taking over the Luthra business. She adds that they were really ready to take over the Luthra business if these incidents didn’t put a break to their plan. She tells that she will push Arjun to continue their plan. Preeta and Shrishti look upset after hearing Anjali. Rakhi summons the entire family to make a shocking revelation, that Arjun is their Karan. She grows too emotional. Preeta asks Rakhi what’s the matter that she has called everyone. Rakhi tells that she has to talk to everyone.

Earlier in the show, Preeta takes Kavya with her. Sameer hugs Arjun. He thanks Arjun for saving the family. He promises that he will always be there with Arjun. Karan sheds tears of happiness. Anjali watches the brothers’ union. Rakhi runs inside the house. She doesn’t answer Bani and runs to her room. Kareena arrives and informs Bani that everything is okay now. She wants to know why is Rakhi behaving strange. Rakhi enters the storeroom. Rakhi checks Karan’s stuff. Kareena follows Rakhi to the storeroom. She doesn’t know where did the old photo album go. Rakhi takes the photo album with her.


Kareena tells Mahesh that she is looking for Rakhi. He tells that Bani told the same thing to him. Kareena tells that Rakhi took the photo album. Mahesh tells that Rakhi would have gone to Karan’s room. Rakhi checks the old pictures. She gets Karan’s childhood picture and sees the mole on his arm. She happily cries. She tells that the identification mark is exactly the same. She joyfully tells that her Karan is back.

Kundali Bhagya 9th January 2023 Written Update Rakhi’s revelation:

Rakhi realizes that Arjun is her Karan. She gets rejoicing. She wants to share her joy with everyone. Preeta and Anjali get into an argument. Anjali asks her to stop chasing Arjun. Preeta tells that she isn’t after Arjun. Shrishti asks Anjali to limit her thinking. She doesn’t want Anjali to blame them. Anjali tells Preeta that the incidents have put a stop to their rivalry, else they were ready to take over the Luthras. Preeta asks her to think anything.

She tells that her actions shouldn’t trouble the family. She suspects that Anjali is brainwashing Arjun against them. She scolds Anjali for trying to snatch their happiness. Anjali tells that she doesn’t care, because even Preeta doesn’t mean anything to her. Preeta warns her and asks her to stay away. Preeta asks Anjali to just stop it. Mahesh and Kareena look for Rakhi. They get the photo album. They see Karan’s childhood pictures. They also grow emotional seeing them. They also think of their connection with Arjun. Mahesh doesn’t want that resemblance to stun his senses. He goes to find Rakhi. Rakhi is thankful that her Karan has come back. She tells that she will not forget this favor all her life.

She is very happy that her son is back. She has always felt that Arjun is her son. Now that she has got the proof, she is thankful that her son is back. She tells that she now believes himself, her heart was true, she can never be wrong. She learns that the family members have come home. Anjali tells Arjun that he got discharged from the hospital. She tells that she works for him, he just thinks of her for the work purpose, he doesn’t have any emotional connection with her. He tells that he is also a Luthra, so he is connected to them. She asks why did he want to meet Preeta when he got conscious. He tells that many things happened on the flight. She lectures him.

Anjali argues with him and makes him turn dizzy. Karan tells her that Rakhi met him and loved him as a son. He remembers that she was reciprocating his love. He asks her if it was a dream. He just wants to hold Rakhi’s hand and cry in her lap. He asks her if Rakhi left. Anjali asks him what happened to him. She adds that everyone has left. She asks him to change his clothes and then they shall leave for home. Rakhi calls the entire family in the living room. The family waits for Rakhi. Rakhi meets them. The family sees Rakhi emotional and guesses that she is missing Karan.

Preeta asks Rakhi what’s the matter that she called them here. Rakhi tells them that she wants to tell them something, Karan has come. The family is stunned to know this. Karan returns home. He finds Anjali upset. Dadi tells him that Anjali worries a lot for him. Anjali vents her anger out. Karan notices Rakhi’s bag in his house. He asks Anjali what’s that bag doing there. Anjali tells that it might have got exchanged, she will ask the driver to take it to Luthra house. He tells that its Rakhi’s bag, he will go himself. Preeta asks Rakhi what is she saying, did Karan come back, where is he. Rakhi tells that they have seen Karan, he has come back. Mahesh asks her if she is in her senses. Rakhi tells that Arjun is their Karan.

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