Pandya Store 10th January 2023 Upcoming big leap

Pandya Store 10th January 2023 Upcoming big leap

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Pandya Store 10th January 2023 Upcoming big leap Pandya family fools Shweta by her same plan. They want to get the Pandya store back from Shweta. Dhara meets Shweta. She gets into a fight with Shweta to get the papers back. Shweta is also fooling them. She didn’t know that they all are planning against her. Shweta is also trying to trick him. She then realizes that even Mansukh is cheating her by joining hands with Pandya family. She tries to run away with the registered papers, but everyone chases her. She doesn’t want to lose Pandya store. Soon, Shweta’s track will be coming to an end.

Ahead, a big leap of 8 years will be seen in the show. The Pandya family splits. Young Chiku is seen appealing to the family to come back home for Suman’s sake, because Suman is ill. The family members Dev, Shiva and Krish are seen living separated with their families. Gautam and Dhara take care of Suman and Chiku. Dev, Shiva and Krish are really worried for Suman, and think of returning home. Chiku attempts to unite the family. Can Chiku succeed in keeping Dhara and Gautam’s dream of an united family? Keep reading.

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