Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Update Rhea exits

Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Update Rhea exits

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Update Rhea exits Rhea tells that she has accepted her mistake, she wants to see them happy with their little angel. She asks Ranbir to take care of Prachi. Ranbir thanks her. Rhea asks them to forgive her. Prachi recalls Pragya’s remarks. She tells that they should think of their future, not the past. Rhea tells that she is a curse to both of them. She doesn’t think she can face Prachi. Prachi asks Rhea to stop for her baby’s sake. She asks Rhea to be a good Maasi. Rhea tells that Maasi means a motherly figure, she isn’t a good person. Prachi insists on accompanying her. Rhea tells that she will come when she becomes a Maasi, until then she will repent. Prachi hugs Rhea. Rhea asks her to take care. She goes away. Ranbir consoles Prachi.

Earlier in the show, Rhea supports Ranbir in the court. She declares that Ranbir is legally right. She apologises to Kohlis. She signs the divorce papers. She tells that she has told the truth, she wants to keep things clear legally. Manish claims that despite the fact that Ranbir and his family were present at the wedding, they cheated Rhea.Rhea asks the judge not to blame the family. She withdraws the case. The judge warns Rhea. The family can’t believe that Rhea has supported Ranbir and Prachi.

Moreover, Prachi grows curious to know why did Rhea do this. Rhea tells that she is repenting, she hates herself thinking she has tortured her own sister. She apologizes to Prachi for all her sins and tells that she is repenting for it. Ranbir finds Rhea a changed person. Rhea kindly appeals that she wants to repent her sins and makes a leave from their lives.

Aaliya yells at Rhea. She asks Rhea why did she do this when she could have taken good revenge on Ranbir and Prachi. She tells that Rhea has ruined everything. Rhea asks what would they do if the case went on for years, they would have lost their reputation too. Aaliya tells that she had thought of it well. She wanted to blame Ranbir for domestic violence. She adds that it was an easy way to take revenge on them, but Rhea ruined everything. Rhea tells that she is sick and tired to live with this enmity. She cries out that she has turned bitter with the hatred. She doesn’t want to become a bad person.

She asks Aaliya to spare her from her plans, she doesn’t want to become bad. She adds that she wants to face herself in the mirror, she wants to face Prachi’s baby when she becomes his Maasi. She tells that she wants to save the baby’s life and protect him. She justifies herself. She tells that her negativity made her lose Ranbir, and Prachi’s positivity made her win him. She tells that Prachi earned everything by her goodness. She regrets that she lost everything due to her hatred. She tells that she had stained Prachi so badly. She hates herself for her mistake of assassinating Prachi’s character.

She tells that she never got Ranbir, he belongs to Prachi even today. She consoles Aaliya. She asks Aaliya to give up and start afresh. Aaliya refuses. She tells that she never learnt to lose. Rhea asks her to learn before it gets too late. Aaliya tells that Rhea lost everything, Rhea is a loser. Rhea tells that Aaliya is a big loser. She hates Aaliya. She tells that she doesn’t want to be like Aaliya. Aaliya shoves her away. Rhea asks Aaliya what did she do till now. She tells that Aaliya failed in separating Abhi and Pragya, she can’t separate Ranbir and Prachi, they are true lovers.

She reminds that Abhi and Pragya are in coma. Aaliya tells that she didn’t do anything to them, if she had done this, then they would have not been in coma till now, they would have died. Rhea asks her who is the reason behind their accident. Aaliya pushes her down. Rhea screams. On the other hand, Prachi gets Panipuri cravings at night. She tells that she wants to have panipuri right away. Ranbir asks her not to worry, he will go and get it. He wants to see her smile first.

Prachi smiles happily. He tells that he will get plenty of panipuri. Prachi feels lucky that Ranbir loves her and their baby a lot. She calls Ranbir the world’s best Papa. She worries for Ranbir’s safety. Aaliya hides the truth from Rhea about Abhi and Pragya. She knows where they are. She wants to meet them. She doesn’t tell anything to Rhea. She tells Rhea that Abhi and Pragya are in the city hospital. She threatens that she will not leave Pragya. She wants Rhea to regret her words. She tells that Abhi will be alive, but Pragya will die. Rhea screams. Aaliya gets drunk and leaves for the hospital.

Rhea grows worried for Pragya’s life. She wants to go out and stop Aaliya from committing Pragya’s murder. Rhea manages to draw the window open. Prachi speaks to her baby. She makes plans to trouble Ranbir. She gets Rhea’s call. She senses Rhea is in trouble. She drops the phone in tension. She asks Rhea what happened to her. Rhea tells that Aaliya has locked her in the house. She is afraid that Aaliya will kill Pragya. She asks Prachi to do something. Prachi asks Rhea not to worry, she will do something. She runs to inform Ranbir. She calls Ranbir.

Ranbir meets the panipuri stall vendor Bansi and requests him to make some panipuri for his pregnant wife. Bansi asks him to see the time. Bansi’s wife asks him to help Ranbir. Ranbir requests them to make the tasty panipuri, his baby will bless them too. Ranbir answers Prachi’s call, which disconnects. Rhea tells that she got a chance to save her parents, but she is helpless. She prays for her parents. Aaliya reaches Abhi and Pragya. She tells that they both didn’t want to get separated, but she will separate them. She shouts that she will kill Pragya today, Pragya will go to the hell and Abhi will stay alive in the world, and this will be their separation. She unplugs Pragya’s life saving machine.

Prachi reaches the hospital. She sees Aaliya killing Pragya. She asks Aaliya to vent her enmity on her. She requests Aaliya to stop. Aaliya tells that Rhea failed her plans, she called her a loser, and now they will see her revenge. Prachi begs her to stop. She apologizes to Aaliya. Aaliya laughs. She falls over Abhi and unknowingly pulls off his oxygen mask as well. Prachi asks Aaliya to see Abhi, even his mask got off. She reminds that Abhi is Aaliya’s brother. Aaliya tells that everybody will die, even Prachi and her baby will die. Prachi shouts for help. She feels pain in her stomach. She picks a big vase to break the door and get inside. She runs inside to save Pragya and Abhi.

Soon, doctor and nurse reach there. Prachi asks them to check her parents. Rhea runs on the road and begs someone for help. She has to reach the hospital at the earliest. Rhea comes across Ranbir. Ranbir worries seeing her and asks her what happened. Rhea asks him didn’t he go to the hospital. He asks her is Prachi fine. She tells that Pragya is in danger. She asks him to take her to the hospital. He asks her the matter. She tells that Aaliya has gone to kill Pragya. She informs him that she had called Prachi to save Pragya. Ranbir tells that nobody will kill Pragya. He asks her to sit in the car quickly. Aaliya flees from the hospital. Prachi asks the doctor is her parents fine. She feels pain in her stomach. She wants to know if her parents are okay. She swears to not spare Aaliya for this crime.

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  1. Sandy Avatar

    So idiotic ranbir thinks rhea changed.rhea will kill Prachi n marry rhea n live happily with rhea n their child .so rhea won,writers won n crimes are glorified nnnot punish in this show.
    Total bull shit.

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