Kundali Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update Karan's identity

Kundali Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update Karan’s identity

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Kundali Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update Karan’s identity Preeta is given a mission since Rakhi has faith in her. She requests that Preeta determine whether Arjun is actually Arjun or Karan. If Rakhi is so sure of herself, Preeta promises she will make an effort to learn the truth. Rakhi requests that she obtain the evidence so that the family will accept Arjun as Karan. Overhearing them, Shrishti expresses her want to participate in their plan and carry out this admirable deed. Rakhi acknowledges her assistance. Rakhi is told by Preeta to stop worrying. She makes the promise that she will learn the truth. Rakhi gains fresh optimism. She embraces Preeta. Karan comes home from the other side with Preeta’s memories. He admits to feeling drowsy to Anjali.

She regrets that he doesn’t recognise her affection because he has fallen for Preeta and only thinks of her. She becomes upset. A servant in the Luthra home tells Prithvi that Arjun is actually Karan. The maid claims that Rakhi has made this assertion, but the family doesn’t accept it. For the news, he wants payment. Prithvi thinks back on his discussions with Arjun. He claims Arjun is very clever and is defrauding the Luthras in order to gain their company. Arjun being on his squad would be ideal. He is relieved to see Arjun finally defeating Luthras. Shrishti runs to Sameer and tells him the strategy. She is not heard by Sameer. All he wants to do is sleep. Preeta asks God to save her from the serious situation.

If Arjun is actually Karan, she promises, she won’t abandon him. She hears Shrishti’s complaints about Sameer. Let Sameer go to sleep, Preeta asks her. How would they show Arjun is Karan, Shrishti wonders. Preeta promises that they will learn more about Arjun’s past and verify the accuracy of the information given. She continues by saying that if Arjun is indeed Karan, he would possess a possession that was unique to Karan.

Kundali Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update Karan’s identity:

Shrishti reminds Preeta that they got Karan’s belongings along with his body. Karan still has his wallet with him. He tells that he still has his belongings. He wears his chain and feels like a rockstar. He tells that he feels like meeting himself after a long time. Shrishti tells Preeta that they can’t check Arjun’s house or office by seeking his permission. Preeta tells that Arjun will allow the IT dept people to check the house. She makes a plan to take disguise of an IT officer and raid his house, they will see if he has any belonging of Karan. Karan keeps his chain in the drawer and goes to sleep. In the morning, Preeta, Shrishti and Kirpal take a disguise and reach Arjun’s house for IT raid.

Kirpal asks Dadi not to go out until the raid completes. Preeta and Shrishti hide from Anjali. Anjali asks what’s happening. Kirpal tells that he is Kirpal, IT raid officer. Anjali tells that anyone can make fake IDs, she knows it well. Dadi tells that two more officials have come along. Anjali asks if they have come to work out their conspiracy. She pulls Kirpal’s beard to check if he is genuine. Kirpal threatens her. He tells that he will file a complaint against her and get her punished. Dadi makes him fall down. Preeta worries.

Shrishti asks her to trust her friend Vishwas/Kirpal, he is the best in this work. Anjali goes to call Arjun. Karan gets to see Preeta’s picture. He gets distracted. He misses to answer Anjali’s calls. He fears of losing Preeta and family. He doesn’t want his revenge to harm anyone. He thinks to end the fight and tell them the truth. Kirpal asks Anjali to go and have chaat, until he finds out the truth. Anjali asks him who has sent him. He tells that he has come from IT dept, he can get her jailed if she wants. Anjali goes away. Preeta and Shrishti try to rush to Arjun’s room. They check every possible thing. They get to see his wallet. Anjali rushes to meet Arjun when he doesn’t answer her call.

Rakhi stays upset with Mahesh, who thinks she has lost her mental stability that she regards Arjun her son Karan. She doesn’t want to listen to Mahesh. Mahesh asks her not to get adamant. She tells that she would have understood him if he had understood her. He tells that she doesn’t understand him, he is also in pain, Karan was his son too, he also misses Karan. He tells that even he feels Arjun is Karan. He asks why doesn’t Arjun tell them that he is their Karan. He asks Rakhi to answer him the reason. He angrily blurts his feelings. He goes away. Bani tells that Mahesh is not wrong. She understands Rakhi’s pain. She wishes Karan comes back home.

Bani also feels that Arjun is Karan. She wants to find out the truth. Anjali reaches Arjun at the office and asks him to check her missed calls. He tells that he was busy in an important work. He asks the reason for her anger. She tells that she is angry, she couldn’t reach him, and here he is busy staring at Preeta’s picture. She asks him if he is passing time. She reminds him about Preeta’s cheat. He calls it enough. He asks her not to drag Preeta in between. He defends Preeta. She asks him will he fight with her for Preeta’s sake. He tells that Anjali is his friend, and Preeta is his love.

He asks her what did she want to inform him. She tells him about the IT raid in the house. Preeta and Shrishti don’t find anything in the room. Vishwas asks them what do they want to find out. Shrishti tells him that they have to find any belonging of Karan. Preeta tells that he won’t know any of Karan’s belongings. He tells that he will find anything unusual and show them. She learns that Vishwas works in the police. Vishwas tells that he is helping his friend Shrishti. Shrishti tells that they should rush with their talk before Anjali comes with Arjun. They worry that Anjali and Arjun have come home.

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