Bhagya Lakshmi 16th January 2023 Written Update Wedding strain

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th January 2023 Written Update Wedding strain

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Bhagya Lakshmi 16th January 2023 Written Update Wedding strain Malishka proposes Rishi for marriage with an uncertainty that he will agree. She asks him if his reply is yes or not. Rishi is clueless. Rano tells Lakshmi that she has to get married if she wants Neha to get married to a nice guy. Ayush tells Shalu that he couldn’t stop Rishi and Lakshmi’s divorce, but he will stop Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Lakshmi agrees to Rano’s command. She tells that she will get married to Balwinder, and its her own decision. She doesn’t want Rishi to hinder her marriage. Rishi meets Lakshmi to convince her, but fails. Ayush, Virender and Dadi also meet Lakshmi at her home.

They ask Lakshmi if her relation with the family also broke. They want her to tell them if there is any problem. They don’t want her to finish her life in this way. They urge her to refuse for the marriage with Balwinder. They can’t see Lakshmi destructing herself for anyone’s sake. Virender appeals to her. He wishes that Lakshmi obeys him. Rishi drives the car in anger. Malishka asks him to stop the car at the roadside, instead committing any accident. She questions the change in his behavior.

She reminds him that he has proposed her. She has always dreamt of marrying him. She tells that their dream is coming true, they shall enjoy the moment. Rishi tells her that he doesn’t want any problem in their lives. She asks him if he has proposed her against his self-will. She wants his love. Virender blesses Lakshmi. He can’t see tears in her eyes. He wishes she doesn’t do anything wrong with herself. Shalu grows worried for her sister. Ayush is also worried for Rishi. Rano has promised Balwinder that she will get Lakshmi married to him in two days. She wants him to take away Lakshmi from her sight.

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th January 2023 Written Update Wedding strain:

Ayush argues with Rano, and tells that Lakshmi will always be his Bhabhi, even if he dies, his relation with Lakshmi will stay the same. He asks Lakshmi to not marry Balwinder. He wants her to give some time to Rishi and see, everything will get fine. He doesn’t know why she has taken this decision. He tells that its her Bhagya connected with Rishi. Shalu cries on hearing Ayush’s wonderful words to her sister. Ayush cares for Lakshmi and wipes her tears. He hugs Lakshmi, before making a leave. Malishka questions Rishi and asks if he doesn’t love her.

She asks him if he made her wear the ring as a token of love. She tells that he doesn’t want anyone’s hatred. She asks him if he would marry her. Rishi hugs her and tells that he will marry her. Malishka gets a broad smile on her face. Shalu tells Lakshmi that they have to handle things, else it will be worse for them. Rano asks Bani and Shalu not to brainwash Lakshmi, who is getting remarried because of her noble deeds. She asks Lakshmi not to back out, because everyone knows about her marriage happening with Balwinder.

Rano welcomes the pandit home. She gives him the good news. She tells that Lakshmi and Balwinder’s marriage is fixed, he has to fix Neha’s marriage in a good family. He assures it. Neha dreams of marrying in a rich household. Rano asks Neha not to worry. She asks Lakshmi to come for the wedding shopping. She advises Shalu and Bani not to be a part of the wedding if they want to oppose. Shalu tells that Balwinder isn’t right for Lakshmi, she will just marry Rishi. Rano tells that Rishi is going to marry Malishka. She asks if she should kill Neha’s happiness because of Lakshmi’s personal issues.

She asks Lakshmi to marry for Neha’s sake. She commands them to accept the fate. She asks Shalu the result of Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage, there is no love between them. She explains that no person is God, Balwinder will try to keep Lakshmi happy because he loves her. She rebukes them for maligning the family respect. She convinces Lakshmi by a convincing speech. Lakshmi tells Rano that she will marry Balwinder, and nobody can stop it.

Balwinder’s ex wants to trust Lakshmi. She hopes that Lakshmi will not cheat her and keep the promise. She wants Lakshmi to do something good for her baby. Neelam and Karishma come home. They find Virender and Dadi upset. Dadi cries and prays. Virender asks why is this happening, Rishi and Lakshmi love each other, they are getting separated. Karishma tells that Rishi loves Malishka, and they are uniting. Dadi doesn’t believe her. Dadi and Karishma get into an argument. Virender feels Lakshmi is getting punished. Neelam asks him to just think of Rishi.

Virender wants Lakshmi to refuse for the marriage with Balwinder, else she will bear a lifelong punishment. Karishma tells that its Lakshmi’s life, they shouldn’t worry for her. He tells that Lakshmi is like his daughter. He can’t tolerate that she is marrying Balwinder. Karishma tells that Lakshmi loves Balwinder and wants his companionship. Dadi asks her to mind her tongue. She feels Lakshmi is true. She tells that Balwinder is after Lakshmi. Virender and Dadi defend Lakshmi, who refused for alimony and instead asked for their blessing. Neelam asks him to just focus on Rishi, nothing else matters.

She doesn’t want to talk about Lakshmi. She asks Karishma to plan the wedding well and make it memorable. Karishma suggests that they should go and give the good news to Rishi. Neelam wants Rishi and Malishka to stay happy. Malishka asks Rishi if he remembers the song which they used to hear long time back. She is really happy because of Rishi. She wishes that they always stay happy. Neelam and Karishma meet Kiran and Sonal. They surprise Kiran by bringing the shagun for Rishi and Malishka’s marriage.

Kiran tells that Rishi has taken Malishka somewhere. Neelam tells that Rishi took Malishka to return the old love, Rishi has proposed Malishka for marriage. Kiran is surprised. Neelam tells that Rishi has agreed for the marriage. Sonal asks when did this happen. Karishma tells that Rishi took Malishka to Lakshmi’s house and proposed her in front of Lakshmi. She feels Rishi has done right by showing Lakshmi her place. Kiran is really happy. Neelam tells that she wants to celebrate this well. She blesses the children. She tells Kiran that they will get related now. Karishma is glad that Lakshmi left from their lives.

She gives the good news that Lakshmi is marrying Balwinder. She asks Kiran to come home, because Malishka has got justice. Kiran agrees. They discuss about the marriage. Sonal feels this marriage is happening because of her, she has done a big favor on Malishka. Ayush finds Shalu worried. Shalu tells that she is losing her mind. She remembers what Balwinder told her when she threatened him of police, Balwinder has got the bail and is roaming free. Ayush tells her that he will not let Lakshmi and Balwinder’s marriage happen. He doesn’t feel Balwinder is out on bail. He tells that he will find out who is backing Balwinder. They both join hands to save Lakshmi’s life from destruction.

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