Kundali Bhagya Preeta Karan unite 16th January 2023

Kundali Bhagya Preeta Karan unite 16th January 2023

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Kundali Bhagya Preeta Karan unite 16th January 2023 Prithvi comes to Arjun’s house to meet Anjali. He starts irritating her. She asks him what is he doing. He sits eating the fruits. She asks him to leave. He tells that she is a wild cat, he really likes wild cats. He adds that he didn’t come to meet her but to pass some time with Arjun. He asks her where is Arjun. He knows it that she knows Arjun is Karan Luthra. He asks why is she giving such flat reactions. She calls it nonsense. He tells that he is a good actor, and he can catch anyone doing acting, he caught Arjun who was acting like Karan, just to get Luthras money. He felt that he is supreme in evil.

He tells that Arjun proved him wrong, he is giving him a tough competition, Arjun is fooling Luthras as Karan just to gain their business. He wants to know Arjun’s next plan. She asks him to get lost, else she will call the police. He tells that he isn’t scared of police, because he does such evil deeds every day, he gets arrested every day, he visits the police station so often that everyone is his friend there. He asks Anjali to do whatever she wants. Karan finds Preeta rushing out of his house.

He runs after the car, but she departs. Preeta and Shrishti arrive home. Rakhi weeps and tells them that Karan has come home. She tells them that Arjun has told her the truth that he is Karan. Preeta is shell shocked and asks where is Karan. She runs and stops Karan. She asks him is he really Karan. Karan cries in response. Preeta calls him Karan. She tells that she can’t forget him. She asks him why didn’t he tell her that he is Karan. They both shed tears and have a hug.






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