Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2023 Written Update Pranbir’s loss

Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2023 Written Update Pranbir's loss

Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2023 Written Update Pranbir’s loss Aaliya takes a disguise of a nurse and reaches Prachi. She tells that she has come to give her medicines. She hears Ranbir and Prachi’s sweet conversation. She grows angry. Ranbir tells Prachi that his daughter will have no complains. Prachi asks what does he mean. He elaborates that when she grows up, she will ask him what gift did he give to her, when she has given him such a big gift by coming in his life. Aaliya injects the drugs in the saline and faints down Prachi. Ranbir thinks Prachi fell asleep.

He sits by her side. Aaliya injects the same drugs to Ranbir on his neck. Ranbir gets pricked and screams. Before he could realize what happened, it faints down. Aaliya takes the baby in her arms. She tells Prachi that she will make now Prachi’s baby a weapon and use her against Prachi. She is angered that Prachi has used Rhea against her. Aaliya steals the baby and leaves from there, while Prachi and Ranbir stay unconscious.


Earlier in the show, Aryan and Sahana come there and find the nurse lying unconscious on the ground. They enquire about the nurse. Aaliya cooks up a story to fool them. Aryan tells that they want a knife for the cake cutting. He adds that Prachi delivered a baby girl, and they are really happy. Sahana tells that Prachi is her sister. Aryan and Sahana tell her about the baby girl. Aaliya gives them the knife. Sahana asks her to come and have the cake. Aryan asks Aaliya to show her face so that they can recognize her later. She lies that she has severe infection and can’t remove the mask. She sends them away. She shows her hatred for Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2023 Written Update Pranbir’s loss:

Pallavi and Dida give sweets to everyone. Sahana tells them that Ranbir has ordered cakes as well. She asks them to cut the cake and distribute it well in the hospital. Pallavi learns about the nine cakes for Panchi’s nine months. Pallavi and Dida cut the cake. They wish that their happiness doesn’t catch any bad sight. Aaliya thinks its too late, because she will not spare their happiness now. Sahana gives her a piece of cake. Dida tells that she forgot to inform Vikram about the new member in the family. She gets Vikram’s call. She tells that he has become a grandpa now, a little fairy has come home. Aryan jokes that Pallavi and Vikram have turned old now.

Pallavi worries for Rhea. She tells that she has to inform Rhea about Panchi’s birth. She calls Rhea and gives the good news. She tells that Prachi gave birth to a daughter, Rhea has become Maasi now. Rhea is overjoyed. She asks Pallavi to give her best wishes to Prachi. Pallavi asks her to come and give the wishes personally. Rhea doesn’t want to disturb them. Pallavi wants her to forget the past. She realizes that Rhea has changed now, and her coming will just make Ranbir and Prachi happy. She wishes the bad times didn’t come in their lives. She wants Rhea to be a part of their joyful phase.

Ranbir brings a beautiful gift for Panchi. He shows the moon and star pendant for Panchi. He tells that its according to her birth mark. Prachi tells that its nice, but its for Panchi. She asks him what return gift did he get for her, when she gave him the world’s most beautiful gift, their daughter. He apologizes to her. She tells that she is just joking. She asks him to make Panchi wear the chain with moon and star pendants. Ranbir makes Panchi wear the chain. He tells that Panchi looks so pretty, now she won’t complain, because he has given her a nice gift.

Aaliya reaches them and tells that she has to give an injection to Prachi as the doctor has prescribed. Prachi tells that she is okay. Ranbir asks her to take the injection without any fear. Aaliya thinks the injection will make Prachi sleep for long. She doesn’t think Prachi will realize any happening. Prachi holds Ranbir’s hand. Ranbir asks Prachi not to take any tension. Aaliya injects Prachi. Prachi feels sleepy. Ranbir asks her if she fell asleep while talking to him. He feels she really got tired. He wants to pass time with Panchi. Aaliya injects him on his neck. Ranbir screams and turns to see her.

He faints down. Aaliya takes Panchi in her arms. She gets wicked. Dida asks the patient Nisha to have the cake. Nurse stops Nisha from eating the cake. Nisha doesn’t listen to her. Dida thanks them for being a part of their happiness. Pallavi asks them to give their wishes and blessings to Prachi and Panchi. The family decides to dance. They ask Pallavi to dance double because she got promoted. Aaliya tells that Panchi is really beautiful. She kisses Panchi. She tells that she has waited for her a lot, she loves her a lot, she had decided to meet her, she had planned everything in advance.

She tells that Panchi is just like Rhea. She thinks of making Rhea talk to Panchi. She takes Ranbir’s phone to call Rhea. She finds the phone locked. She cracks the password by entering Prachi’s birth date. She feels Prachi is so irritating, she has no class like Rhea. She calls up Rhea. Rhea congratulates Ranbir that he got a daughter. Rhea apologizes that she can’t come to meet the baby, because she is going to meet Aaliya. Aaliya shocks her. She tells that she can meet her and the baby at the same place. She congratulates Rhea for becoming Maasi. She tells that the baby is much cute.

Rhea asks what is she doing at the hospital. She wants to know what Aaliya is going to do. Aaliya asks Rhea to talk to her nicely. She wants Rhea to get happy that they are in touch. She feels Rhea has changed, Rhea has supported Ranbir and Prachi, she saved Ranbir from going to jail. She wants her revenge on Ranbir and Prachi. She blames Rhea for angering her and making her murder Prachi. She regrets that Abhi also died. She tells Rhea that she has come to kill Prachi and Ranbir.

Rhea begs her to not harm them. Aaliya asks her why did she cheat her, when she loved her a lot. She tells that she still loves Rhea, so she has called her to inform about her freedom. Rhea tells that Aaliya has escaped from the jail. Aaliya tells that she can do anything. She adds that she is going to take the baby with her. Rhea asks her where are Ranbir and Prachi. Aaliya tells that she has killed them. Rhea shouts and cries. Aaliya tells that she has put them to sleep, she didn’t kill them, she is leaving with the baby now. Rhea asks her not to do this. She calls Pallavi.

Pallavi and the family are busy dancing and celebrating. Rhea wants to save Prachi’s baby. She rushes to the hospital. She tells that she loves Panchi a lot, its her duty to save her. Aaliya tells that Panchi is her ticket to everything. She wants to become a winner again. She tells that she will write everyone’s fate by using her magic wand. She asks Panchi to meet her parents for the last time. She feels Ranbir and Prachi have compelled her to this. She tells that Ranbir should have married Rhea, instead Prachi. She wants Panchi to pay for her parents’ mistakes.

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  1. Welcome where Ur mother is considered dead,raised by Ur criminal aunt rhea or u were placed in a home whereby Ur family raising the wrong child.wat a family to be born into.alliya again another crime.geez.fed up fed up


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