Bhagya Lakshmi 18th January 2023 Written Update Balwinder’s plan

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th January 2023 Written Update Balwinder's plan

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th January 2023 Written Update Balwinder’s plan Malishka hopes and prays that Rishi forgets Lakshmi. Sonal tells that he will forget Lakshmi, but she is missing Lakshmi more. Malishka tells that she hates Lakshmi. Sonal asks her to make sure that Rishi doesn’t get a chance to miss Lakshmi. Malishka knows what to do. She tells that she will make new memories with Rishi, she will plan a long honeymoon trip and make him forget Lakshmi totally. Sonal likes the plan. She asks her to plan a trip to Europe. Malishka tells that she will decide the honeymoon destination because its her life. She asks Sonal to stay away from her life. Sonal turns upset.

On the other hand, Ayush threatens Balwinder. He asks him to take the money and forget Lakshmi, else they will use the same money to make his life hell. Balwinder asks them to spare him. Ayush asks him not to act smart. He tells that he isn’t able to control his anger. He kicks out Balwinder from the office. Rishi gets to hear Lakshmi’s voice, when Dadi plays the aarti video. He rushes to see Lakshmi. Dadi shows him the video and asks him to sit in the aarti. Balwinder calls Guddu and informs about the five crores rupees he got from Oberois. He tells that he will not leave Lakshmi, he will flee with Lakshmi and the money.


Ayush and Virender get to hear this. Ayush beats up Balwinder. He asks how can he cheat them. Virender rebukes Balwinder. Balwinder tells that he will soon come back by earning more money than them, but he will never leave Lakshmi. Virender tells that Balwinder can’t be in Lakshmi’s fate. Rishi regrets that he lost Lakshmi. Dadi tells that Lakshmi is accepting Balwinder as her fate, just like Rishi has decided to marry Malishka. She cries seeing her children in pain.

She tells that Lakshmi will never stay happy, she can’t live without them, she is marrying a bad man with a broken heart. She prays for Lakshmi. Balwinder gets to see his ex and ignores her. She runs after him. She asks him how can he marry Lakshmi. He denies it. She tells that she is carrying his baby. He tells that he has faked the promise to marry her. He pushes her and hurts her. He asks her not to interfere in his life, when its going good. He threatens her. He gets rid of her. He thinks nobody knows about his affair. The girl thinks to take Lakshmi’s help.

Balwinder reaches home and tells Guddu that Ayush caught him and snatched the cheque. He regrets that he lost the cheque. Guddu tells that he should have bashed up Ayush. He means that they would have enjoyed a luxurious life and set new standards in life. Balwinder tells that his standard will get high once he marries Lakshmi. He feels Virender, Ayush, Bani and Shalu are the problems in his way. He doesn’t trust Rano. He tells that if Virender offered five crores to Rano, then she would have gone mad and stopped the marriage. He wants to marry Lakshmi at the earliest.

He tells that he will meet Rano and set the plan. Balwinder meets Rano. He tells that he loves Lakshmi, he wants to marry her soon. Lakshmi tries to convince her sisters. She can’t stand their annoyance. Rano can’t tolerate Balwinder. She calls Lakshmi there to meet Balwinder. She tells that Lakshmi and Balwinder’s marriage will happen tomorrow. Bani and Shalu oppose the marriage and call Balwinder a bad man. Balwinder tells that the marriage will happen. He asks them if they are planning to stop the marriage by seeking someone’s help. Shalu wants Ayush to stop the marriage.

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