GHKPM 18th January 2023 Upcoming Virat blurts Veenu’s truth

GHKPM 18th January 2023 Upcoming Virat blurts Veenu's truth

GHKPM 18th January 2023 Upcoming Virat blurts Veenu’s truth Sai performs the death anniversary prayer for her son Vinayak/Veenu. She regrets the fact that Virat isn’t coming to her with the truth. She knows that Veenu is alive. She wants Virat to confess the truth. Sai goes ahead with the rituals. Virat comes to the temple. He hinders the puja, because their son Veenu is alive. She asks him the reason for stopping the puja. She provokes him and asks him to speak up the truth. Virat breaks down and tells her that their son Veenu is alive.

YSai tells her that she already knew this, she has made this puja plan just to make him confess the truth. She rebukes Virat for lying to her about her son. She tells that he has lied to her and then gave her son to his wife. She expresses her emotions. She tells that she has faced many difficulties after losing Veenu. She asks Virat how could he do so wrong with her. She emotionally breaks down and hugs Virat. Sai is upset that he has hidden the truth from her till now. She gives him a challenge.


YShe tells him that he will have to tell the truth to his family, Veenu is her son, and she will take him with her. She tells that nobody can stop her from taking Veenu with her. She gives him 72 hours to reveal the truth. She asks him to explain the truth to his wife. Virat is double worried on knowing that Patralekha and Veenu are missing. How will Virat disclose the truth to Pakhi and his family? Keep reading.

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