Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar 17th January 2023 Written Update Sai threatens Virat

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar 17th January 2023 Written Update Sai threatens Virat

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar 17th January 2023 Written Update Sai threatens Virat Sai shelters Karishma in her house. Karishma sobs. Sai doesn’t get any information that can help Karishma. She regrets thinking Virat is aware of her pain. She feels Virat is hiding a big truth from him. She decides to confront Virat about her son Veenu. Veer and Savi speak on a video call and share their creative creations. He gets to see Karishma on the video call. The news of Karishma’s presence in Sai’s house gets known to Virat’s family. Bhavani and Saloni learn that Sai has hidden Karishma in the house. They blame Sai for breaking their house.

Bhavani grows furious that Sai has interfered in their family matters by going against her word. She tells that they will not accept Karishma back. She adds that Mohit should divorce Karishma as a reply. She tells Saloni that she can’t see her family respect getting maligned because of Karishma. She dislikes Karishma. She wants Karishma to leave from Mohit’s life. She enquires about Mohit. Virat tries to make Mohit and Karishma patch up. He takes Mohit to Sai’s house. Mohit tells that things won’t get fine if Sai lectures him on his relation. Virat asks him to calm down. Mohit meets Karishma at Sai’s house.

Bhavani tells that Mohit should decide it as soon as possible. Saloni doesn’t want her son to get divorced. Bhavani tells that Sai has done so wrong that she believes even Karishma will follow the same path. She questions Saloni. She tells that they can’t accept anyone’s blood as their heir. Mohit blames Karishma for cheating him. He tells that Karishma cheated him and went to her lover, and now she is sobbing over her miscarriage. He questions about the baby’s father. Sai asks him not to judge Karishma and give her a chance to explain. Mohit tells that he really loved Karishma, who cheated him. He feels he was mad to support her by rebelling against his family.

He isn’t ready to sacrifice his self-esteem for her sake. Virat and Sai ask Mohit to listen to Karishma’s side of story once. Sai tells that Karishma regrets her mistake of leaving the house. She asks Mohit to realize his mistake. She requests Mohit to clear out their misunderstanding. She asks him why did he give time and love to Karishma, he should have expressed his love when she needed him. She stops him from making a mistake. She asks him to support his wife when they should share the pain together.

She reveals that Karishma was carrying Mohit’s child. She makes him realize that he has lost his baby. Mohit gets tearful eyes. Sai tells that a mother breaks down when she holds herself responsible for losing her baby. She asks Mohit to shoulder Karishma in such a bad time. She tells that Karishma might think of suicide if Mohit abandons her. She explains him the dire consequences of his mistake. She asks him to not regret and blame himself for his relationship’s bad end. Sai’s words strike Virat’s heart.

Moreover, Virat relates Mohit and Karishma’s problem with Sai and his past issues. Sai asks Mohit to share Karishma’s pain and save her life. Mohit agrees to speak to Karishma. Virat tells Sai that he felt she is asking those questions to him. She tells that its too late for him to answer it. He remembers their past. He apologizes that he couldn’t stand by her when she left the house. He feels proud that she has taken a firm stand for Karishma now. She tells that he doesn’t understand her pain.

She asks him to let her perform the puja for their son. He tells that he regrets losing their son. She tells that she will never forget Veenu, she will keep a prayer for him. He asks her to stop being adamant. She tells that he can’t snatch her rights. She shares her pain of losing Veenu. She wants Virat to tell her the truth that Veenu is alive. Mohit sorts out his issues with Karishma. He tells Virat that Karishma wants to stay in Sai’s house for a few days. He promises to take care of Karishma. He thanks Sai for showing him the right path and saving his marriage. Sai is glad that they sorted their misunderstanding.

She regrets that Virat didn’t support her when she needed him. Virat and Mohit return home, and get questioned about Karishma. Mohit tells the family that he met Karishma at Sai’s house. Saloni asks Mohit why did he meet Karishma, knowing Sai has done so wrong. Mohit accepts his mistake. He decides to rectify his mistake and bring his wife home. Bhavani asks him to divorce Karishma. He doesn’t want anyone to decide for his life.

On the other hand, Sai performs a puja for Veenu at the temple. Veenu reaches there to meet Sai. He meets with an accident. Virat breaks out of his nightmare. He rushes to see his son. He feels sorry to hide the truth from Sai that Veenu is alive. He doesn’t want anything to happen to Veenu. Later, Sai gives time to Virat and asks him to confess the truth to the family. She asks him to reveal Veenu’s truth. She tells that Veenu is her son. She claims Veenu’s custody.

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