Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2023 Written Update Preeta clued

Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2023 Written Update Preeta clued

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Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2023 Written Update Preeta clued Preeta stops Arjun and tells that she wants to ask him something. She calls him Karan to see his reaction. She then asks him if he knows about Karan. Karan gets tears in his eyes and yet controls his emotions. He makes a leave fearing that Preeta will learn his truth. Shrishti rushes to Preeta. Preeta asks her why is she running like that. Shrishti tells that she has found something unbelievable. Preeta enquires about it. Shrishti asks her to just check the pictures which they have clicked in Arjun’s room. She shows Karan’s unique pendant, that’s clearly seen in the picture. She tells that the pendant is a proof of the possibility that Arjun is Karan. Preeta is left stunned by this new find.

Earlier in the show, the Luthras cry and unite with their Karan. Sameer and Rishabh come downstairs. They are also overwhelmed knowing their Karan is back. A wave of happiness comes in the house. Rishabh hugs Karan and cries a lot. Karan apologizes to him for hurting him because of his suspicion. Shrishti tells that Arjun has confessed that he is their Karan. Karan denies it much to Preeta’s shock. This turns out to be Preeta’s imagination.

Preeta asks Rakhi if Arjun really told her that he is Karan. Rakhi tells that Arjun called her mom. She believes that he is her Karan. Preeta tells that its not confirmed, Arjun might be or might not be Karan. Rakhi gets upset seeing an unsure Preeta. Shrishti asks what will Preeta do if Arjun is really Karan. Preeta tells that she will not spare him. She doesn’t know how is this possible. She asks Shrishti not to jump to any conclusion. She wants to confirm it first.

Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2023 Written Update Preeta clued:

Anjali asks Prithvi what nonsense is he saying. He asks her to stop acting, because he can catch anyone acting. He tells that Arjun is acting as Karan in front of the Luthras, so that he can get everything on his name. He tells that Arjun is really mean. He waits for Arjun. She asks him to just leave else she will call the cops. He asks her to call the cops, he isn’t scared of them, because he was in the jail till now. He tells that he is also mean, he keeps visiting the police station, he fools them and gets his freedom. He tells that she has framed Rishabh so well. He praises her planning. He tells that Rishabh is a simple man. He threatens her. He tells that he isn’t such a nice person, she can try to trap him. She asks him to leave her at once. He tells that she reminded him of Preeta, his lover.

He asks her to always address him with respect. He makes a leave. She wants to handle Prithvi, before he creates a problem for them. Rishabh and Sameer have a talk. Rishabh questions about Rakhi and Arjun’s bonding, their strange behavior and happening. He asks what magic has Arjun done on Rakhi. Mahesh meets them. He hugs Rishabh. He tells that he wants to talk about Rakhi, who isn’t talking sensible things. Rishabh enquires the matter. Mahesh tells that he doesn’t know what has happened to Rakhi, who is hell bent to make everyone believe her. He adds that Rakhi believes Arjun is their Karan.

Rishabh is surprised. Preeta and Karan see each other. He remembers their moments. Rakhi stops him from leaving. He tells that he is really sorry, he has to leave for the office work. He promises that he will call her and talk to her. He thanks her for taking good care of him like his mum. Rakhi asks him not to hide things and just say it. Shrishti stops Rakhi from saying anything unless its confirmed. Preeta stops Arjun and asks if she can ask something. He asks her to go ahead. She mentions Karan. She asks him how well does he know Karan. Rakhi wants to hear his answer.

Karan lies that he doesn’t know Karan well, he has read about him in the newspapers and also heard few people talk about him. He makes an apology and leaves to avoid their further questions. Rakhi wonders why did he say that. Preeta tells that Arjun is hiding something, he fell nervous when she asked about Karan. She doesn’t know what meaning to derive from his words. She tells that she will go and check the pictures, they will surely find out the truth. Rakhi also checks the pictures in Preeta’s phone. She asks how did they manage to click the pictures.

Shrishti tells that they had gone there in Sardarji’s getup and lied that they are income tax officials. Rishabh and Mahesh come there and overhear Shrishti. They learn about Preeta and Shrishti’s efforts in finding the truth. Rakhi asks Rishabh how did he feel when he hugged Arjun, did he feel like he had hugged his brother. Rishabh tells that he didn’t feel anything such. Mahesh asks Rakhi not to overthink. Rishabh asks Preeta to handover the land deal file. Preeta goes to get it. Rishabh finds Rakhi tensed. He asks her why is she panicking when he is with her. He hugs her.

Mahesh is sure that Rishabh will handle her, because she trusts him a lot. He wants Rakhi to understand that Arjun isn’t Karan. Karan reaches the office and gets to see Preeta’s picture in his drawer. Manager gives him the good news. He tells that Luthras had mortgaged the house, they can takeover the house and win over them. He asks him to confirm if he should take the next step. Karan remembers how Preeta has saved his life. Manager asks him to permit him for the deal. Karan doesn’t hear about the Luthra house deal. He asks the manager to go ahead.

Preeta gives the file to Rishabh. He tells that she didn’t do right, she has taken a big risk to visit Arjun’s house, it wasn’t needed. Preeta tells that she has to clear the confusion. She clarifies that it was Shrishti’s idea. He doesn’t want any explanation. He tells that she can do anything, but he doesn’t want her to fall into any problem, he is just worried for her safety. He reminds her their past. He feels scared for her. He tells that they can never change Rakhi’s blind belief. He adds that its not practically possible, they have seen Karan dying in front of his eyes.

He wants the family to understand and stop exploiting the emotions. She tells that once she proves Rakhi’s belief wrong, Rakhi will settle in peace, they will stop chasing Arjun, it will make things easy for them. Rishabh asks if she misses Karan a lot. He knows that she misses Karan, he was such a charming and loving person. He tells the truth that even he misses Karan, he also wants him to come back, but he has no way to do so. He feels Karan has come back as Arjun, but he can’t break their hearts by stating this. He tells that Arjun has hurt them a lot, their Karan would have never done this.

He apologizes to her. He tells that he wants her to be careful. He reminds how Anjali had accused him when he helped her. He tells that they shouldn’t invite troubles. She promises that she won’t do anything that invites troubles. She tells that she will find out what she has decided to. He tells that he also wants to know if the truth is something else. He supports her. He brings a smile on her face. Shrishti gets to see Karan’s locket in the picture. She rushes to Preeta and shows her the shocking picture. Preeta can’t believe it either.

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