Anupama 18th January 2023 Written Update Unexpected Past

Anupama 18th January 2023 Written Update Unexpected Past

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Anupama 18th January 2023 Written Update Unexpected Past Anupama tells that she is okay. She asks Dimpy if she was there in Shah house when Paritosh fell into trouble. Dimpy remembers witnessing the drama. Leela calls Anupama for a talk and asks her to meet her. Vanraj stays stressed over Paritosh’s grave mistakes. Samar gives him a pill for headache relief. He cares for Vanraj. He asks about Leela’s jewellery. Vanraj tells that he has kept it as a guarantee. He doesn’t want to lose the jewellery. Dimpy calls Samar and informs him something. Leela meets Anupama. Dimpy finds them standing at the door and talking. Leela doesn’t want to step inside the house.

Anupama asks her to come inside and sit. Leela vents her anger on Anupama. She tells that Anupama and Anuj should have agreed to help Paritosh. Dimpy wonders why is Leela taunting Anupama over Paritosh’s mistake. Anupama gets worried when Leela accuses her for snatching the happiness and peace. Leela tells that her family and relations are breaking, Anupama is responsible for it. Leela tells that Samar’s marriage didn’t break, Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage is breaking, Vanraj isn’t able to earn a living, its all Anupama’s curse. Anupama asks why would she curse her own family. She doesn’t want to talk to Leela.

She limits Leela from saying any nonsense. She tells that she didn’t help Paritosh because she is his mother, she wants him to realize his mistake and reform. She justifies her decision. She asks Leela not to support Paritosh and ruin his life. She tells that Paritosh should turn responsible. Leela asks her not to call her bad. Anupama tells that they make mistakes and then do a drama. She explains that she worries for Shah family and prays for them every morning. She is hurt by Leela’s words. She tells that she will just bless the family to stay happy. She asks Leela to go home if she doesn’t want to come inside.

Leela doesn’t realize her mistake. She admits that she has scolded and taunted Anupama, but she didn’t think wrong for her. She wishes that her words get true. She curses Anupama. She tells that Anupama will face the same problems in her life. She warns that Anupama’s family will shatter. Dimpy asks Leela how can she curse Anupama. Vanraj reaches there and finds Anupama in tears because of his mother. He regrets the drama and makes a leave. Anupama gets emotionally exploited by Leela’s curse. She tells that nothing wrong will happen with her, when she is true to her relations. Dimpy also pacifies Anupama.

Dimpy tells that Leela has got angry over Paritosh’s matter. Anupama knows that Leela doesn’t think before speaking. She asks Dimpy not to tell Anuj about it. She wishes that everything happens good. She pacifies herself. Leela feels sorry that she had cursed Anupama. She tells that her heart is hurt, because Anupama is wrong today. Vanraj comes home and confronts Leela. He asks her the reason for cursing Anupama. He tells that they shouldn’t drag Anupama in their family matters. Leela tells that it will happen when its in destiny. She values Vanraj’s efforts.

She regrets that Anupama has not helped Paritosh when she is his mother. He asks her to stay upset with Paritosh. Leela tells that she is angry, Paritosh is foolish, they have to handle his issues, they can’t leave him on the road. She calls Anupama wrong. Anupama tells herself that nothing wrong will happen. She tries to clear her mind. She plans to make their Sankranti special. Leela tells Vanraj that Anupama has become stone-hearted, she has abandoned her children, she will not incur losses in her relations. She feels Anupama snatched their happiness. She can’t see Anupama happy in her life.

She tells that Anupama didn’t support her own son. She weeps. Vanraj consoles her. He asks her not to wish bad for Anupama, who did a lot for them. He asks if her curse really strikes Anupama, then they will not get happy either. She doesn’t think her words will turn true. She wants her family to get prosperous like before. He asks her to make Sankranti preparations. He assures that he will make things okay. Leela tells that she will always stand by him. Later, Anuj and Anupama spend time with Anu. They love Anu a lot. Anupama tells that she can’t love Anu as much as Anuj loves her. She doesn’t feel bad.

She fells that she feels happy seeing their love. Anuj thanks her and tells that he loves her a lot. Anupama asks him to spend time with Anu on the eve of Makar Sankranti. He tells that he will enjoy a lot with Anu. They keep their responsibilities towards Anu. He decides to buy a special kite for Anu. Later, Vanraj grows jealous seeing Kavya with a guy. Barkha shouts on Ankush and asks him not to get his illegitimate son home. Anuj and Anupama calm down Barkha. They didn’t expect this kind of news to strike them.

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