Pandya Store Spoilers Family reunion 19th January 2023

Pandya Store Spoilers Family reunion 19th January 2023

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Pandya Store Spoilers Family reunion 19th January 2023 Shiva and Raavi come home with their son at the same time when Dev, Rishita and their son come home. The Pandyas get emotional when they return home after seven years. Shiva asks Dev where did he go with his bags. Shiva has lost his memory. Dev and Rishita feel guilty that Shiva has suffered a lot because of Chutki. Shiva asks Dev what is he doing, will he just look at him or give a hug also. Shiva hugs Dev with love. Rishita gets anxious before entering the house. She remembers how she has lost Chutki. The kids hold their parents’ hands and take them inside. Rishita fears that she may lose her son because of Dhara. The family returns home when they learn that Suman is sick.

They also have their personal agendas behind their return. They fall helpless on their financial front. Dev and Rishita lose their jobs. They think of seeking the house share from Suman. Rishita and Raavi make their minds to divorce the Pandya house and Pandya store. They claim their share to support their families. They meet Suman and inform her that Chiku has called them home by informing about Suman’s sickness. They have an emotional union with Suman. Suman wishes all of her sons to stay under the same roof. She pleads with Gautam and Dhara to save the family this time.

Earlier in the show, Suman slaps Dhara for not keeping the promise. She breaks down. Gautam asks Suman not to cry, he is still with her and he will never leave her. Suman tells that everyone left the house. He asks Suman to beat him and punish him for Dhara’s mistakes. Suman beats him in anger. He tells that everyone will come back home after their anger calms down. Suman orders Dhara to keep Chiku out of her sight. She feels Chiku has ruined her family. Later, Dhara is seen spending good time with Chiku. Gautam comes home and sounds upset. Dhara regrets that Gautam got addicted to alcohol. She doesn’t want him to drink. He asks her to stop shedding tears for the family they lost. Chiku doesn’t want to see them arguing. He tries to bring them together.

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