Bhagya Lakshmi 20th January 2023 Written Update Rishi in love

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th January 2023 Written Update Rishi in love

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Bhagya Lakshmi 20th January 2023 Written Update Rishi in love Rishi gets to see Lakshmi and his marriage albums. Malishka grows jealous seeing Rishi occupied with Lakshmi’s memories. He hugs the album. She tries to snatch the album from him. She ends up falling down. She tells that Rishi and Lakshmi’s relation has broken. She asks him to leave the pictures, Lakshmi is no more his wife. He loves Lakshmi. He wants to get her back into his life. He doesn’t pay attention to Malishka. Malishka gains his sympathy by shedding tears and hugs him. Ayush wants Rishi to stop Lakshmi’s marriage with Balwinder. Rishi gets close to realize his love for Lakshmi. He realizes that he loves Lakshmi, but has got too late in accepting his feelings. What will Rishi do now? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishi begs Neelam to spare Lakshmi and not curse her. He cries for Lakshmi. He tells that just he knows the truth, Lakshmi is auspicious and positive. He feels she is really Lakshmi as her name. Rano tells that she will really rethink about the marriage, because they made her emotional. Guddu comes and asks them the matter. Shalu tells him that the marriage won’t happen. She asks Rano to tell Guddu that she has changed her decision. Guddu asks Rano what’s this new drama. Rano tells that she got emotional, because she has to do Lakshmi’s bidaai. She tells that she will not stop the marriage. Shalu and Bani lose hope again.

Rano and Neha don’t care for Lakshmi’s feelings. Rano asks Lakshmi to get ready. Shalu burns the bridal lehenga. Neha asks Rano to just see what Shalu has done. Rano loses her mind. She vents anger on Shalu. She asks Shalu what did she do. She raises hand on Shalu. Lakshmi stops her and protects Shalu. Rano asks her if she will backout from the marriage. Balwinder gets decked up for his marriage. Virender stays upset. Lakshmi and Rano come to meet the Oberois. Virender learns about Lakshmi’s arrival. He rushes to meet her. He asks Neelam not to do any drama. He begs her. Neelam wants to know the reason for Lakshmi’s arrival. Dadi and Virender ask Lakshmi to come inside. Abhay is happy to meet Malishka.

She tells him that finally she is getting married. He congratulates her that finally Rishi has agreed to marry her. She tells that Rishi just loves her, now Lakshmi can never come between them. He asks Kiran to fix the marriage before Lakshmi comes back to Rishi. He tells that if they delay then Malishka can lose everything. Malishka tells that Lakshmi is getting married to Balwinder. He tells that Balwinder will take their revenge on Lakshmi. He hates Lakshmi and curses her. She asks him to just think of her and her marriage. She wants the marriage to happen on a grand level.

Kiran tells that she will make it huge. Abhay wants to make sure that the marriage happens at the earliest. He asks them to understand what he means to say. Bani and Shalu pray for their sister Lakshmi. They want some miracle to happen and bring happiness in her life. Lakshmi refuses to enter the house. She makes a request to Virender. She tells that he is like her father, so she has come to ask him something. He tells that she is his daughter, he is ready to give her anything she wants. Karishma fears that Lakshmi can ask for anything. She asks what does she want to snatch from them.

Lakshmi tells that she has come to request him, she wants to give him a father’s duty and perform her kanyadaan. Virender is surprised. Rano asks her is she an owl to ask for this. Lakshmi asks Virender to perform the ritual. He tells that he can’t give her to Balwinder, knowing its not good for him, he can’t push her into hell, he should stop the marriage. She tells that she wants his blessings so that her life gets easy. She doesn’t want to force him. Karishma asks Neelam to accept Lakshmi’s request just to make sure that the marriage happens.

Neelam stops Lakshmi and tells that Virender and she will perform the kanyadaan. Neelam asks Virender to do whatever he wants. Virender tells that Lakshmi has asked his blessings, so he will perform her kanyadaan. He gets heartbroken. Balwinder gets upset that Shalu has burnt the lehenga. Guddu asks if he should buy another one. Balwinder laughs saying he had ordered two same lahengas, he will not let anything wrong happen, he got two mangalsutras as well, nothing will go wrong, he will win in the battle of love. Balwinder tells his friends that he got married twice, this is his third marriage.

He tells that no one has touched Lakshmi till now. Virender and Dadi feel sorry for Lakshmi. Karishma asks Dadi if she wants to bring Lakshmi back. The family members get into an argument. Neelam tells that Lakshmi knows black magic, she will control Balwinder, Lakshmi isn’t suitable for their family. Virender tells that she will never understand Lakshmi. Malishka and her parents come home to meet the Oberois. Malishka enquires about Rishi. She asks them if she can go and meet Rishi. Karishma asks her not to ask and just go. Kiran tells that Malishka will ask elders. Abhay congratulates Virender. Malishka goes to meet Rishi, and finds him lost in Lakshmi’s memories. She isn’t pleased.

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