Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2023 Written Update Karan's proof

Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2023 Written Update Karan’s proof

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Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2023 Written Update Karan’s proof Rakhi hopes Preeta and Shrishti are able to locate what they are looking for. When Karan returns home, he asks Dadi if any officers have arrived. Anjali received a call, according to Dadi, and hurried out of the house. Upon seeing Preeta and Shrishti, Karan is taken aback. He greets them. Shrishti says she came to give his bag back. Preeta says she thinks it’s his suitcase. According to Karan, it’s not his bag. Preeta and Shrishti pose as being uneducated. Dadi wants them to return home. When a cop returns home, Karan apologises and lets them know. Preeta says she has a sore throat and would want to drink ginger tea. When Shrishti and Preeta notice Dadi’s response, they inquire as to her hesitation to prepare the tea.

According to Shrishti, Preeta prepares delicious ginger tea. She brings up the time Arjun took a cup of tea at Sarla’s residence. To prepare the tea, Preeta consents. Preeta prepares tea really nicely, according to Karan, who drank some at her house. Preeta is unaware of the items in Arjun’s home, so Shrishti asks Arjun to assist her with the materials for the tea. Karan concurs. Dadi has an odd feeling. Shrishti expresses regret for their unauthorised presence. Dadi enjoys her lovely talks from her. Karan helps Preeta prepare tea. While staring at her, he muses over their earlier interactions. She makes an effort to get his prints.

Karan stares at Preeta. She asks him will he stare at her until she makes the tea. He tells that he wants to see her recipe for the special tea. She gets Karan’s vibes from him. they both have an eyelock. Shrishti gets to see them. She gets reminded of Karan. She wants Preeta to get his fingerprints. She calls Preeta to remind her their motives. Preeta tells that she remembers it. Shrishti asks her not to look into Arjun’s eyes and focus on their plan. Preeta agrees. Karan gets his hand burnt. Preeta runs to care for him. He gets touched. He tells her that he is okay.

Shrishti knew Preeta will not complete the task. She gets the tea cup which Karan had held. She hides it. Preeta offers the tea to Dadi and Karan. She asks about Shrishti. Shrishti joins them. Dadi asks them to talk. Shrishti tells that the tea is really good. Preeta tells that she is writing a letter to the airlines to return the bag. She asks Arjun to sign on the letter. Karan asks why does she need his sign. Shrishti tells that he has to handover the luggage. Preeta tells that they will leave the bag here, instead taking it back to their home. She asks him if there is any problem. Karan signs on the letter. She thanks him. He gets a call. Shrishti takes the tea cup from his hand.

Anjali informs him about Preeta and Shrishti, they had come home as the fake IT officers. Karan gets suspicious of their plan to find out his real identity. She tells him that they want to know his truth and they will try their best to do this. Karan tells that he will talk to her later. Shrishti steals the tea cup. Karan asks them to sit for some time. Shrishti tells that they have to leave, they have much work. Preeta tells that they are in a hurry. The bag falls down. Karan opens the bag and shows Preeta’s clothes. He tells her that its her clothes, its actually her own bag. Shrishti tells that she forgot she had bought the bag at the last minute. Preeta calls her mad. She tells that they will take the bag back. Karan realizes Anjali was saying the truth. Shrishti tells that they finally got what they wanted.

Preeta tells that they will get the fingerprint and signature checked by the professional expert. Karan hopes that they didn’t find anything that proves his identity. Preeta asks Shrishti to call Vishwas from her phone and find out about any reliable help. Vishwas tells that he can help them. He assures that he will text them the contact. Shrishti tells that finally they will find out the truth. Manager hands over the Luthras house papers to Anjali. He tells that he forgot to tell her before, they are taking over the Luthra house, Arjun has the maximum shares, so he can become the owner of the house.

Anjali calls Arjun to give this good news. He tells her that she was right, Preeta and Shrishti came home and made a silly story, they were acting. He worries that they might know his truth. Preeta tells that Arjun’s truth will come in front of them soon. Rakhi asks them when will they get the reports. Shrishti tells that they will get the reports by evening. Anjali asks Arjun to meet her at Luthra house. She tells that they have to save something. He wonders what does she mean.

Anjali reaches the Luthra house. Karan meets her there. He asks her why did she call him there. She asks him if he really wants to tell everyone that he is Karan. She threatens of leaving from his life if he decides to live as Karan. She tells that she will stay with him and support him if he lives as Arjun. He tells that he wants her support, he doesn’t know what to do. She asks him to take a big step, else his truth will come out. She tells that Rishabh has mortgaged the Luthra house, and now Arjun can become the owner. He tells that he doesn’t want this to happen now. She tells that its his house, he should takeover, else someone else will do it. She adds that his truth won’t come out if he does this, he will stay safe.

Kareena rushes to inform Mahesh about a call. She asks if its true. Mahesh tells that its true, they have mortgaged the house. He wants to explain this to the family. He tells that they shall hide this from the world. Rishabh tells that it’s a normal practice in business, he had mortgaged the house to handle the loans. Mahesh tells that they still have the rights on the house, nobody can claim it. Rishabh asks him not to overthink. Mahesh tells that they have to think about it well. He calls the entire family. Rakhi senses trouble. She asks them what is the matter.

Rishabh pacifies Rakhi. Karan enters the house. Rakhi gets surprised. Mahesh asks what is he doing here. Karan shocks them by revealing that he is the owner of the Luthra house from now. The family is shocked and disappointed. Karan tells that he has fulfilled his promise. Preeta feels hurt, and so does Rakhi.

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