Bhagya Lakshmi 24th January 2023 Written Update Bride swap

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th January 2023 Written Update Bride swap

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th January 2023 Written Update Bride swap Rano thinks Lakshmi will become real money and get lakhs for her after the marriage. She is happy to see Lakshmi as the bride. Karishma tells Neelam that once Lakshmi gets married, there won’t be any problem in Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Balwinder awaits Lakshmi in the mandap. He tells that she is looking really beautiful in the bride’s getup. Kamli tells that its Balwinder and her marriage. She gets excited. Guddu tells Bani that Lakshmi is getting married in some time. He asks her to come and see it. Virender is upset seeing the groom and the bride exchanging garlands. Bani tells Ayush that she had messaged Shalu and asked her to handle things, but they couldn’t handle anything. Lakshmi will be swapping herself with Kamli, to get justice for Kamli’s coming child. Lakshmi will get Balwinder married to Kamli.

Earlier in the show, Balwinder’s aunt comes there to meet Lakshmi. She asks about Lakshmi. Shalu lies that Lakshmi has gone to the washroom. Aunt asks her to make Lakshmi ready on time. Rishi finds the goons running after Malishka. He stops the car and rushes to save Malishka. Bani tells Ayush that she doesn’t want to get caught. He tells that they will leave, its risky to leave Lakshmi. He asks her not to worry for Shalu, she is smart. He is shocked to see Lakshmi missing. Ayush asks her if Lakshmi has gone back for marriage. Rishi finds Malishka in trouble. The goons threaten Malishka. She begs them. She hits them and runs away from there. She collides with Rishi, and gets really happy that her savior has come.


Malishka tells Rishi that the goons are after her. She asks him to not fight with the dangerous goons. She tells that she was going to the designer, they came in front of the car to stop her, they tried to rob her. Rishi tells that she should have let them go away with the bag, but when she has shown bravery, then he will see them. The goons laugh at him and ask him to come for a fight. Rishi makes Malishka aside. He fights the goons. Bani wants to talk to Shalu. She borrows a phone and messages Shalu. Rano gets to see the bride. She asks why did she put a long ghunghat.

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th January 2023 Written Update Bride swap:

She tells that she will take the bride outside. Ayush looks for Lakshmi. He doesn’t understand where did Lakshmi go and why. He grows worried. Karishma makes a special coffee for Kiran. She asks Kiran why is she tensed. Kiran tells that she is really stressed about Malishka. She wants the marriage mahurat to get fixed soon. Karishma asks her to relax. Kiran tells that she is really scared that any problem might come in the marriage. Karishma tells that the marriage will happen without any hindrance, because Lakshmi is going to leave from their lives today.

She asks her to trust her, no hindrance will come in Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Kiran tells that she didn’t imagine this day. Balwinder goes mad seeing his bride. He welcomes Lakshmi. He tries to see her face. Aunt asks him to keep patience and see the bride’s face after marriage. Virender gets angry seeing his mad behavior. Balwinder asks the pandit to just rush with the marriage rituals. Rishi beats the goons. Bani finds the burqa and thinks Lakshmi is around.

Guddu asks her to come and witness Lakshmi’s marriage. Kamli takes care of her foot sprain. She wants to go and marry Balwinder. Ayush wants to find Shalu and save her from Balwinder’s anger. Bani tells him that they couldn’t handle anything. She adds that Guddu has told her, Lakshmi has gone to the mandap to marry. Ayush is shocked. Shalu is in Lakshmi’s place in the mandap. Balwinder and Shalu exchange the garlands. Shalu prays that something happens and the marriage stops. Balwinder thinks Lakshmi is listening to him and becoming obedient. Kamli gets dizzy.

Kamli faints down. Ayush tells that he got Lakshmi outside with much difficulty, but she went inside again. Bani tells that everything will be ruined. Malishka asks Rishi is he okay. He tells that he is fine, he has to go somewhere urgently. She asks him to come with her to the hospital. He tells that he wasted a lot of time already. She asks is it waste of time to save her life. He tells that he didn’t mean that, he has to go somewhere urgently. He doesn’t listen to her and goes away. Malishka beats her hired goons. She asks them why couldn’t they stop Rishi.

She tells that she won’t pay him the money if her work isn’t done. She sends the goon to stop Rishi. Lakshmi is somewhere outside in an intoxicated state. Ahana gets to see Lakshmi. She asks her is she okay. Lakshmi asks her about the marriage happening inside. Shalu feels helpless. Ahana thinks Lakshmi is being forcefully married, so she is drugged. She wants to inform Rishi. Ahana takes Lakshmi in her car. Bani and Ayush cry for Lakshmi. They wanted to stop Lakshmi from doing wrong. She also accepts this as Lakshmi’s fate. Ayush feels sorry for Lakshmi.

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